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How to scan from mobile

by janeausten

Since we have carried a small computer in our pocket, practically all the functions for which we previously needed different machines can now be carried out from the mobile phone. An example? Here we go. You need to scan and send your identity document to carry out a procedure, but you do not have a computer and a multifunction printer with a scanner at hand. Don’t worry, you can do everything from your mobile and we’ll explain how. If you want to sell toner cartridge then visit our site.

What could you scan from a mobile phone

From your mobile phone you can scan everything you need: invoices, receipts, contracts, agendas and notes, photographs and all kinds of documents. In addition, scanning from the mobile offers a few advantages:

  • Freedom of movement and action (as you only need your mobile you can do it from anywhere).
  • It’s fast, easy and cheap.
  • It will be very easy to share the scanned documents through email, the cloud and even by wasap.

There are many mobile scanning applications (Adobe Scan, CamScanner, Microsoft Lens, SwiftScan, etc.) and you can choose the one that best suits your needs, without forgetting that some (such as Google Drive) are already pre-installed on your phone.

Notes and agendas

What do you always carry with you? Indeed, mobile. That is why it is a fantastic idea to digitize the notes on paper and do it from the phone, in addition to being very easy, it will allow you to always have them at hand to review at any time. In addition to the fact that you will be able to share them with any classmate, you will not have to carry your backpack and folders every time you leave home and all that time that you spend looking at Instagram you will be able to invest in preparing better for exams. The bad? That if you fail you will no longer have an excuse.


Do you remember that photo of your parents’ wedding that you have always liked or the image that you were taken with your grandmother when you were just a baby? Well, all those memories on paper can be saved and preserved forever by scanning them with your mobile. This way you’ll always carry them with you, you can share them with whoever you want and you won’t have to worry about someone smarter taking the original photo without you noticing. In fact, there are specific and free applications for scanning photos, such as Fotoscan from Google Photos (available for Android and iOS).

ID and other documents

When we carry out any procedure and we are asked to send the DNI or any other scanned document, we should not think that a photograph of it would serve the same. A scanned document and a photograph are not the same. Scanning, for example, corrects perspective and saves the document in the correct format (usually PDF to make it readable on any device). The good news is that you can scan the ID or any other official document from your mobile with your favorite application (Google Drive, Office Lens, Adobe Scan, etc.)

Guide to scan from a mobile step by step

As we have mentioned so far, there are many applications that you can download that will allow you to scan any document, edit it, crop it, and save it to PDF easily. The best known, such as CamScanner, Adobe Scan, Office Lens, Genius Scan or Google Drive are available for both iOS and Android and the operation is quite similar in all of them. However, we are going to explain step by step the easiest and fastest way to scan a document from an iPhone and from an Android device. Keep reading.

from an iphone

As explained by Apple support, from your iPhone you can scan any document, be it text or photography, from ‘Notes’ by following these steps:

  • First open ‘Notes’, select an already created note or create a new one.
  • Next, touch the camera button and the option ‘Scan documents’ will appear.
  • Place the document you want to scan in front of the camera so that it can be seen perfectly.
  • Now, if the device is in automatic mode, the document will be scanned automatically. To manually scan it, simply tap the shutter button (the circle) or one of the volume buttons, drag the corners to fit the scan to the page, and hit ‘Keep Scan File’.
  • Once the document has been scanned, press ‘Save’ and that’s it!

Do you want another way to do it? Perfect, now from iCloud Drive. Take note:

  • Open the ‘Files’ app and select iCloud Drive.
  • Now touch the three dots that appear at the top right of the screen and select the ‘Scan documents’ option.
  • Place the camera on the document you are going to scan, take the photo and press ‘Keep’ and then ‘Save’. And you will have the scanned document! You can change the name once saved.

If you prefer, instead of doing it from iCloud Drive you can do it by following the same steps from the ‘On my iPhone’ option.

From an Android device

Google Drive is Google’s service to store files and documents in the cloud, you will have it pre-installed on your phone by default and it will allow you to easily scan any document and save it as a PDF file. I eat? Following these steps:

  • First open the Google Drive app (it has the symbol of a triangle with one side of each color: green, yellow and blue).
  • In the lower right part of the screen you will see the + symbol (add). touch it.
  • Among the options you will see ‘Scan’, click on it.
  • Now, take a photo of the document you want to scan. To adjust the scan area touch ‘Crop’; to repeat the photo (if you need it) touch ‘Rescan current page’; and to scan another page touch ‘Add +’.
  • If you want to edit the color, touch the icon of the painter’s palette and it will offer you different functions: leave the photograph as it is, ‘Black and white’ to eliminate the color, ‘Color’ to optimize the reading of the document, or ‘Drawing to color’ to whiten the background and show highlighted text.
  • You’re almost done, you just have to give it a name or title and then save the finished document by clicking ‘Save’. Fast and easy!

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