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HDB Interior Design Ideas You Should Know About Them

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Hdb 5 Room Resale Renovation

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats, which make up 80% of dwellings in Singapore, are the most popular type of housing for locals. Planning your HDB home’s interior can be stressful, specifically if it involves newer HDB flats with less space. It has also sparked a trend among HDB homeowners who prefer their homes to have a minimalistic appearance. You may already be aware of the difficulties associated with residing in an HDB apartment.

Accommodation is a massive issue in Singapore, as flats are getting smaller every. To make the most of the space that is provided, careful space planning is necessary. There are many attractive HDB interior design alternatives available. We at AC Vision will give you some HDB interior design ideas because we know it may be daunting. We hope these ideas will help you make better decisions as you build your ideal house with a functional yet beautiful design. You could be pleasantly surprised by the amount of design flexibility an HDB unit offers. If you are looking for the best HDB interior design in Singapore, Posh Living is an ideal solution. They provide the best service according to your requirements. Let’s discuss some ideas regarding renovation services. 

Pay Attention to the Details.

It’s essential to concentrate on even the smallest aspects when creating a home. They ultimately have a big impact on the outcome of your property. By making minor adjustments, your HDB interior design will look more finished. The general style of your home will be made or broken by everything from light switches to cabinet handles, surface textures, and the cushions you choose for your sofa.

Get creative and combine different designs. To create a sense of stability and peace in your space, aim for symmetry. To enhance the modern rustic motif that is present in this design, track lighting was implemented, and groove lines were added to the wardrobe doors. To add visual contrast to your areas, try out various laminate or veneered treatments. Your rooms can seem better and become beautiful interior spaces with the addition of accessories like artwork, sculptures, rugs, and lights.

Choose an Open Concept

A lot more Singaporeans are choosing to live in open-concept homes. Even though this design concept appears to be quite straightforward, it serves as the basis for many HDB interior design thoughts and ideas. Previous announcements stated that open-concept kitchens would be included in new HDB Build-to-Order (BTO) flats. This attempts to provide homeowners more freedom when it comes to creating home spaces that suit their particular lifestyle preferences and requirements.

Most likely, the living room is where guests enter your home and form their initial impression. An open-concept design and only the most practical furniture are used in this light and airy living room, which is intended to have a minimalist aesthetic. The emphasis was on striking a balance between straightforward beauty and practicality, therefore a neutral colour scheme was chosen.

Make the Right Material Investments

When it comes to interior design, there are many different materials and finish options available. Understanding and selecting the appropriate materials for each area is essential, and there are some considerations to bear in mind. Your decision-making process should take into account elements like sturdiness, longevity, ease of maintenance, and moisture resistance.

It is easy to understand why wood is a common material choice in contemporary home design concepts. Wood is a very adaptable material that works well and is utilised in a variety of interior design trends, including Scandinavian interior design. You can even give the impression that your area is bigger with its assistance. The distinct grain and textures of wood, with their timeless aesthetic appeal and unmistakable natural beauty, add a homey, rustic feel to your home’s interior. It may be difficult to find the proper materials, therefore having a list of high-quality materials and workmanship in the HDB BTO design package or HDB resale design package may be helpful. If you’re curious, get in touch with us for further details!

Choosing an Appropriate Colour Scheme

You may instantly change the atmosphere of your HDB house by changing only one colour. This is why one of the most economical methods to update the inside of your home is by altering the colour scheme.

White is a very popular colour for space and elegance. When other colours are added to the mix, it is a great colour for producing simple, harmonious, and contrasting colour schemes. White appears larger because it reflects light, which is an advantage for smaller homes like 3- or 4-room HDBs. A 4-room BTO renovation package and a HDB 5 room resale renovation package are also available from AC Vision.


Being imaginative and resourceful is essential when it comes to giving your HDB flat or condo interior design a makeover. You can find plenty of HDB flat interior design inspiration and ideas to get you started on your restoration project. Your HDB house gives you a lot of options, even though there is very little room, whether you choose to go flamboyant or keep things basic and understated.

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