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Body-To-Body Massage and Tantric Massage Is Essential for Sexual Wellness!

by janeausten
Body to Body Massage

Massage has long been a traditional form of healing and relaxation, but with the advent of Tantric massage, it has become even more popular. Body to body massage is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to bring about spiritual and physical harmony. It is believed that when a couple performs body-to-body massage in combination with Tantric massage, it helps strengthen their bond and increase sexual pleasure. It also promotes sexual wellness by providing an intimate connection between two bodies. In this article, we will discuss why body-to-body massage combined with tantric massage is essential for sexual wellness.

What Is Body-To-Body Massage and Tantric Massage?

Body-to-body massage is a type of massage in which the therapist uses their bodies to massage the client. This can be done with or without clothing, but is usually done with the client nude. The therapist may use their hands, elbows, knees, or feet to massage the client’s body.

Tantric massage is a type of body-to-body massage that is designed to increase sexual energy and pleasure. The therapist will use their hands, body, and sometimes sex toys to stimulate the client’s sexual energy. Tantric massage can be a very intimate experience and can lead to orgasm for some people.

The Benefits of Body-To-Body Massage and Tantric Massage

There are many benefits to body-to-body massage and tantric massage, but here are some of the most essential benefits for sexual wellness:

1. Increased circulation and blood flow.

2. Improved flexibility and range of motion.

3. Decreased stress levels and tension.

4. Enhanced feeling of well-being and relaxation.

5. Greater connection with your partner during intimacy.

6. More intense and longer lasting orgasms.

7. Better sleep quality overall.

How to Give a Body-To-Body Massage

The basic techniques of a body-to-body massage are not complicated, and almost anyone can learn to give a good massage. The important thing is to be sensitive to your partner’s needs and responses, and to go slowly at first.

Before you start, make sure the room is warm enough and that you have plenty of time. You will also need some massage oil. Choose an unscented oil if you or your partner has sensitive skin.

Sit on the edge of the bed or couch, facing your partner. Have them sit so that their legs are straight out in front of them, then kneel between their legs. Start by massaging their feet with long, slow strokes. Then move up their calves, thighs, and buttocks. Use both hands to massage their back, starting from the lower back and moving up to the shoulders.

When you are ready to move on to the genitals, ask your partner if they are comfortable with it. If they are, use one hand to stroke or rub the outside of their vagina or penis while you use your other hand to stimulate their anus with gentle circular motions. Remember that everyone enjoys different kinds of touch, so pay attention to your partner’s response and let them guide you.

How to Give a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that is said to be able to increase sexual energy and pleasure. It is often used as a way to improve sexual relations between partners. Tantric massage can be done by both men and women, but it is most commonly associated with women.

There are many different techniques that can be used during tantric massage, but the most important thing is to focus on the breath. This will help to create a state of relaxation and allow the energy to flow freely throughout the body. The aim is not to reach orgasm, but to simply enjoy the sensations and let go of any expectations or goals.

When giving a tantric massage, it is important to use slow, gentle movements. The receiver should be completely relaxed and comfortable, so that they can fully enjoy the experience. It may help to start with some basic Swedish massage strokes before moving onto more specific tantric techniques.

Some basic tips for giving a tantric massage include:

– Use light pressure and long strokes when massaging the body

– Focus on areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, and thighs

– Avoid massaging directly over the genitals

– Encourage your partner to breathe deeply and relax into the experience

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to giving an amazing tantric massage that will leave your partner feeling sexually satisfied and energized!

Tips for Giving the Best Body-To-Body Massage or Tantric Massage

1. Give your partner a full-body massage: Massaging your partner’s entire body will help to relax them and get them in the mood for sex. Start with their back and work your way down to their feet, paying extra attention to any areas that are particularly tense.

2. Incorporate tantric massage techniques: Tantric massage is all about slow, sensual movements. Use long, sweeping strokes and focus on pleasurable sensations rather than trying to achieve a specific goal.

3. Be responsive to your partner’s needs: Pay attention to your partner’s body language and cues to gauge their comfort level and response to your touch. If they seem tense or uncomfortable, back off or try a different approach.

4. Use plenty of lubrication: A good massage should be relaxing and pleasurable, so make sure to use plenty of lubricant to reduce friction and prevent any discomfort.

5. Talk dirty: Adding some verbal stimulation into the mix can help turn a good massage into an amazing one! Whisper dirty talk or compliments into your partner’s ear as you massage them for an extra thrill.


Body-to-body massage and tantric massage are essential elements of sexual wellness. These techniques can increase sexual pleasure, reduce stress, and help you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. In addition to their physical benefits, they also provide emotional healing through increased intimacy. With the right guidance from an experienced therapist, these modalities can enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing as well as improve overall quality of life in many ways.

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