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What Juices Help Sperm Taste Better?

by janeausten
Sperm Taste Better

Most men want their semen to taste good when they have oral sex. They want their partners to like what they taste and would want to know the ways they can make it taste better. We will find out the ways to accomplish the goal, but if you have any such queries, you can always consult a sexual health clinic online to get verified information.

Semen – What you should know?

Semen is a bodily fluid that a man ejaculates while having sexual intercourse. It is mostly water with minor quantities of sperm, fructose, and other minerals. It is acidic by nature, which makes the possibility of sperm surviving the acidic pH of the vagina. Due to its acidic nature, it is naturally bitter.

Sperm taste better varies from person to person and does not necessarily taste similar. Mostly the semen tastes warm and salty but could be more bitter in some cases. Our diet and lifestyle determine the taste of our bodily fluids including semen, sweat, saliva, and breastmilk. Therefore, it makes sense to understand the importance of diet and make a few changes to alter the taste of semen. If there is something that bothers you about semen quantity or consistency, you should consult a sexual health clinic online to understand the condition.

Foods that can make the taste of semen better:

Fruits – Sweeter fruits are known to cut the bitterness of semen. They might not make a massive difference, but they sure can help you make semen taste more tolerable. Fruits and fruit juices of kiwi, papaya, peaches, oranges, blueberries, mango, and watermelon can increase the fructose content that is responsible for the change in taste.

Pineapple – Although it is a fruit, the purpose of mentioning it separately is a common belief that pineapple is the game-changer to make your semen sweeter. Pineapple is the start of the show if you go and find ways to improve semen taste. However, the truth is there is no scientific evidence that supports the claim. The only reason it can alter the taste is its high sugar content and acidic nature. The factors combined make semen more acidic and less bitter, which holds true for any sugary liquid and not only for pineapple.

Celery – The high vitamin C content in celery makes semen taste less bitter. Moreover, the food item does not contain many calories, so it is easier to include in your diet and reap all the benefits.

Other foods – Some other food items that can help in changing the semen taste include spinach, nutmeg, wheatgrass, peppermint, and parsley.

Foods that can worsen the taste of semen

Alcohol – Consuming alcohol gives a specific stink to your breath and sweat and the effect also goes down to semen. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also affect sperm motility, mobility, quantity, and quality/. Therefore, adopt the concept of moderate and occasional drinking.

Smoking – Along with affecting your breath, it can alter the taste of semen, making it more pungent and bitter. Smoking is a known health hazard and can also affect sperm quality. It gives you even more reasons to quit smoking today.

Dairy – Consuming dairy has a negative effect on your semen taste. Some forms are good for your gut, but overall it makes your semen taste worse.

Processed foods – Regular consumption of pizzas and burgers is not going to help your health, including your semen taste. Stay away from processed foods to live a healthy lifestyle.

Meat – Meat consumption makes your semen saltier and less appetizing to your partner. If it comes down to choosing the type, poultry affects the semen taste less than red meat does.

Coffee – Limited caffeine consumption is admissible, but excessive caffeine intake can make your semen more bitter.

Other foods – Some other food items that can have a negative impact on semen taste are broccoli, garlic, asparagus, cauliflower, and cabbage.

Other than concentrating on food items, it is equally important to give due attention to hygiene. Maintain hygiene of your private parts by regular grooming and keeping the area fresh and odor free. Clean your private parts with mild soap every day to keep the bad bacteria at bay.

Bottom Line

These lifestyle tips will help your sperm taste better. The change in taste does not miraculously occur the next day and would take around a few weeks or months. You have to keep at it to notice the change in the coming time. However, if there is something else bugging you, you can easily reach out to a sexual health clinic online. Dr.Arora Men’s Wellness Clinic is equally adept at taking your online queries and helping you lead a healthy sex life. 

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