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Upgrades & Airsoft Gun Parts for Your Action Army AAP-01

by janeausten

The Action Army AAP-01 gas blowback airsoft pistol has taken the airsoft world by storm. We’re not here to argue with a good thing, only to make it better.

If you have one but want to make it truly yours (or boost its performance) these airsoft gun parts and upgrades can help.

1.  Action Army Folding Stock

The Action Army AAP-01 is snappy and light, but the downside of snappy and light is that rarely are those attributes paired with stability.

Adding an Action Army Folding Stock to your GBB airsoft pistol will add the stability you need to connect at extended ranges. Plus, it’s just plain fun to use, it folds, and it has a section of Pic rail over the receiver.

2.  CNC Rotary Hop-Up Chamber

You can deliver a precision-shooting experience if you upgrade your Action Armpy AAP-01 with a CNC Rotary Hop-Up Chamber.

Dialing in your shot strings will be easier than ever. Now all you need to do is find the right ammo weight for range and stable trajectory (hint: heavier is better).

3.  Black Mamba CNC Upper Receiver Kit

The folding stock might not be for everyone. This is a sidearm, after all. The Black Mamba CNC Upper Receiver Kit, though – that’s for all players.

The reason? It has rail sections on both the upper and lower sections, on both surfaces above and below the barrel. You can have your cake and eat it, too. There’s no need to deliberate between a red dot sight and a WML or a laser. With this kit, you can have both.

4.  GSS Short Stroke Kit

There is one reason to upgrade your AAP-01 with this airsoft gun part, but you need to hear it.

A GSS Short Stroke Kit will decrease the bolt travel distance of your AAP-01, enabling even faster rates of fire. That’s almost overkill.

Keyword, almost.

5.  COWCOW Ultra Lightweight Blowback Unit

There’s nothing wrong with the stock blowback unit on your AAP-01, but this COWCOW Ultra Lightweight Blowback Unit is simply better.

Available in multiple snazzy colors and CNC-machined from high-quality 7075 aluminum, these ultra-lightweight blowback units are strong enough to prevent flexing and warping, yet stable enough to produce smooth, fluid cycling.

6.  C&C Tactical 140% Recoil Spring

This C&C Tactical 140% Recoil Spring is one of the most impactful upgrades you can make to your AAP-01.

Made from high-quality spring steel, this spring can boost the power and snappiness of your AAP-01’s action, resulting in sharper, quicker cycling at the same time.

Plus, it’s an easy upgrade to make. (COWCOW makes one too, but there’s is 200%.) Both stabilize the nozzle and improve cycling.

7.  CTM Action Army AAP-01 Speed Holster

Not technically an airsoft gun part or an upgrade, but still worth mentioning nonetheless.

What good is an insanely fast airsoft pistol if you’re slow on the draw?

Point made; that’s why you need a speed holster like this one from CTM. This speed holster is tough, clips onto your AAP-01’s trigger guard (and locks the trigger in place to prevent accidental discharges too, by the way), and keeps the entire grip exposed to easy access – at a moment’s notice.

Where Can You Get These Airsoft Gun Parts (or an Action Army AAP-01?)

Looking for airsoft gun parts like these so you can upgrade your Action Army AAP-01? You can get all of these (and many more) online at MiR Tactical (MiRTactical.com).

Now get ready for the cliché: But wait! There’s more!

MiR Tactical’s price match guarantee means you are guaranteed the best prices on these parts, hands down, no questions asked, no coupon code required – on all airsoft products and upgrade parts.

Visit their website today for details and stock up on upgrades like these.

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