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8 Different Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual activity. It is typical for some men to have occasional difficulty achieving or maintaining erections. However, if the condition becomes common or persists for a lengthy period, you should consult a physician to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Understanding The Process Of Erection

The penis becomes erect when blood fills it. Blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and hormones work together to produce an erection whenever a man feels sexually aroused. When this mechanism is impeded, ED symptoms may develop. Some men encounter occasional symptoms. Others have persistent symptoms that impair their sexual interactions. Further, multiple variables may contribute to ED, a complicated disorder. Frequently, more than one-factor cause ED.

Some men encounter occasional symptoms. Others have persistent symptoms that impair their sexual interactions. Further, multiple variables may contribute to ED, a complicated disorder. Frequently, more than one factor is involved in ED.

Individuals experiencing issues with their sexual function may be hesitant to discuss it with their doctor out of guilt. Yet, with the proper erectile dysfunction cure, you can restore your concerns and lead a fulfilling sexual life. 

Eight Possible Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Now that we understand how an erection happens and what causes erection problems let’s look at various ways to address this issue. 

1. Yoga

Yoga is the best way to fight ED if you are looking for the best and most natural way to treat ED. Yoga for erectile dysfunction helps to treat both physical and psychological causes of ED. But how?

Erections are an effective predictor of cardiovascular health. Therefore, if you cannot get one, it might be an early sign of cardiovascular disease. Physical activity is one of the most effective strategies for maintaining cardiovascular health and enough blood circulation to the penis. However, not all physical activity is the same. Getting back into basketball, football, or even weightlifting may be too strenuous for you, mainly if you’ve spent most of your adult life inactive. In addition, self-injury is the very last thing you wish.

This is why Yoga is so beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a predictable and effective method for improving your strength, movement, flexibility, and overall health. Yoga boosts blood flow to the genitalia, which may enhance sexual performance. Apart from that, Yoga will relax and calm your mind, which will keep stress away. 

2. Medications

For some men, the best ED treatment is medications. Medications used orally are often the first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, these drugs are effective and have minimal adverse effects for most men with erectile dysfunction (inability to maintain a firm erection for sexual activity).

Sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), tadalafil (Cialis), and avanafil (Stendra) are oral drugs that treat erectile dysfunction by boosting the effects of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that calms the penile muscles. So this boosts blood flow and enables you to have an erection when sexually stimulated.

3. Penile Injections

Another weak erection treatment is penile injections. So this is an excellent alternative therapy for those who cannot use standard ED drugs. They may also assist those with severe ED owing to underlying health issues like diabetes or hypertension. Injectable therapies for erectile dysfunction loosen the smooth muscle lining the blood vessels, allowing them to widen and feed the penis with blood. 

In most circumstances, injections for erectile dysfunction should not be combined with oral drugs for erectile dysfunction that function similarly.

4. Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave treatment for ED is a non-drug treatment for erectile dysfunction. In this method, patients get low-intensity shockwave treatment. Nevertheless, shock wave treatment strengthens blood vessels in the penile area and enhances blood circulation. 

5. Vacuum Erection Device

Another treat erectile dysfunction way to is the vacuum pump. This gadget helps to get and sustain erections. Through the vacuum process, it draws blood into the penis. The vacuum pump maintains erections for 30 minutes. Vacuum device components help to attain an erection. However, it is advisable to use the device as per the instructions.

6. Sex Therapy 

Another way to treat erectile dysfunction is sex therapy. So, this treatment is a great option when males have erection issues due to psychological problems like stress, relationship issues or communication problems. So the therapist will help to address your challenges and establish a good sexual relationship with your partner. 

7. Good Diet 

A good diet full of essential vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, fats, etc., is good for health. In short, among the best and simple erectile dysfunction treatment options is having a good diet. Further, a good diet will result in healthy blood circulation and a lesser risk of any health condition. 

8. Physical Activity & Losing Weight

Hence get active and lose weight to treat erectile dysfunction. Dropping weight increases testosterone production, which helps treat impotence or erectile dysfunction. Further, men who shed pounds frequently build lean muscle and have typical sexual stamina and performance.


So these are some of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction. It is always better to have an expert guide you on managing ED effectively. Book an appointment with the Ohman experts today if ED or any other sexual issue concerns you. read more exciting article on marketfobs

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