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Best Commercial Property Investments in Pakistan

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advantages of investing in property

Investing in commercial properties can be a great way to generate income and build wealth over time. In recent years, Pakistan has seen a significant increase in the number of commercial property developments, making it an exciting and lucrative market for investors. From shopping malls and office buildings to hotels and resorts, the country offers a diverse range of investment opportunities

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of commercial real estate, it’s important to choose the right property to ensure long-term success. To help you get started, we have put together a list of some of the best commercial property investments in Pakistan, highlighting the key features, location, and potential returns of each one. Read on to learn more about the most promising commercial property investments in Pakistan and find the right investment opportunity for your portfolio.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Property

Investing in commercial property has become a popular choice for many people in Pakistan, as it offers a range of benefits that are difficult to find in other business opportunities. Whether you are looking for a steady source of income or a tangible asset, commercial properties have a lot to offer. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider investing in commercial property:

High rental yield: Commercial properties offer higher rental yields compared to other investments, making them an attractive option for those seeking a steady source of income. With the recent boom in the real estate industry in Pakistan, the demand for commercial properties has increased significantly, leading to an increase in rental yields.

Tax benefits: The current government in Pakistan has introduced several tax relief policies to support investors and business owners. By investing in commercial properties, you can take advantage of these policies and save a significant amount of money on taxes.

Full ownership: Unlike other investment opportunities, commercial properties come with full ownership, allowing you to secure your hard-earned money and have a tangible asset in your name.

Appreciation in value: Historical data has shown that the value of land tends to increase over time, making it a relatively low-risk investment. Many people have made a profit by purchasing properties at a lower price and selling them later when the value has increased.

Insulated from inflation: Real estate, especially housing and shopping areas, is a necessity that is always in demand, regardless of inflation. As a result, it is generally considered a safe and stable investment that is not significantly affected by inflation.

So, investing in commercial properties in Pakistan offers a range of benefits, including high rental yields, tax benefits, full ownership, appreciation in value, and insulation from inflation. These factors make commercial properties a worthwhile investment for those seeking to grow their wealth and secure their financial future.

Types of Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are real estate assets used for business purposes. The investment in commercial properties includes office buildings, retail spaces, shopping centers, apartment buildings, industrial warehouses, and storage units. These assets can generate income through rental agreements, lease agreements, and the sale of the property. Investing in commercial property can offer many benefits, including a stable income stream, long-term appreciation, and the potential to diversify a portfolio.

There are several types of commercial property investments that investors can choose from. Below are some of the most common types of commercial properties that individuals can invest in:

Office Buildings

These are commercial properties designed for business operations. Office buildings come in various sizes and are usually located in central business districts (CBD) or in suburban areas. Investors can purchase individual office units or the entire building.

Retail Spaces

Retail spaces are commercial properties that house retail stores, restaurants, and other retail-oriented businesses. This type of commercial property is suitable for investors who want to generate a steady stream of income from rental agreements.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are multi-tenant properties that house several retail stores, restaurants, and other retail-oriented businesses. Shopping centers come in various sizes and are usually located in high-traffic areas. Investors can purchase individual units within a shopping center or the entire center itself.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are multi-unit commercial properties that house multiple apartments. This type of commercial property is suitable for investors who are looking for a long-term investment and steady rental income.

Industrial Warehouses

Industrial warehouses are commercial properties designed for the storage and distribution of goods. This type of commercial property is suitable for investors who are looking for a long-term investment with the potential for significant appreciation.

Storage Units

Storage units are commercial properties designed for the storage of goods and personal items. This type of commercial property is suitable for investors who are looking for a low-cost investment with the potential for steady rental income.

Best Commercial Property Investments

 Graana.com provides its prestigious clients with state-of-the-art residences. These in-demand developments are situated in Pakistan’s most desirable areas. They provide favourable returns, clear terms and conditions, and the opportunity to protect your money going forward.

Graana.com is currently marketing the following commercial real estate developments.

Golf Floras

Golf Floras is the first real estate endeavour we wish to discuss. It is situated in Islamabad’s prestigious Bahria Town (Garden City). It is Islamabad’s largest upscale residential complex. It is situated at the Bahria Garden City on Golf Course and is one of the Top 20 Luxury Resort Living Communities in the World.

Golf Floras is the most sought-after Resort Living Community in the Twin Cities thanks to its tasteful combination of more than 600 high-end residences, world-class amenities, and beautiful landscaping with breath-taking mountain vistas. Golf Floras is a gated community in a prime location that provides retail, recreational, educational, and health amenities as well as 24-hour security and maintenance, making it the ideal spot for people to realise their aspirations and lead active lives.

Amazon Outlet Mall

Amazon Outlet Mall is the next-best commercial real estate investment in Pakistan. AOM, which is on Islamabad’s main G.T. Road, offers pricing starting at little Rs. 18 Lacs.

The first themed mall in Pakistan, Amazon Mall, would combine fashion and architecture. It will serve as a one-stop shop for clients looking for designer labels and will strive to make their shopping enjoyable by offering the best indoor setting and amenities. The Mall will contain a sizable section set aside for leisure amenities such restaurants, cafés, saunas, spas, gyms, play areas for children, and libraries.

IMARAT Builders Mall

In the centre of Islamabad, the IMARAT Builders Mall is another shining example of contemporary architecture and design. The cost begins at just Rs. 17 Lacs and provides safe and secure investment.

The Mall will bring the customers in touch with reliable contractors. Builders Mall is made to provide several firms with the perfect retail space for them to display a variety of goods. Builders Mall provides specialist equipment that is tailored to the demands of a wide range of customers, including construction companies, project developers, interior designers, and the general public. Additionally, Builders Mall will offer exotic marble tiles, flooring, wall patterns, and materials for both interior and external decoration.

Mall Of Arabia

In the Twin Cities, it is one of the top commercial real estate investments. With its Arabian architectural style, Mall of Arabia embodies our Islamic history. It is a celebration of the rich architectural beauty, Islamic art, and history that unite us. The Mall also stands for Pakistan’s cordial ties with the Arab world.

The Islamabad Expressway, which serves as both a major business and residential thoroughfare, is where you’ll find Mall of Arabia. The motorway connects Islamabad city invisibly across its boundaries, from Margallas to Rawat. In one of Islamabad’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, Mall of Arabia spans over 15 Kanals of valuable land. The Mall is located right in the middle of DHA and Bahria Town and accessible from Koral Chowk and T-Chowk, and PWD.

IMARAT Residences

IMARAT Residences is the IMARAT Group’s most recent project. IMARAT Residences is the ideal choice for nuclear families that wish to simplify their lives without sacrificing elegance and comfort because of its prominent position on Islamabad Highway.

The Islamabad Expressway is home to the IMARAT Residences, which have prices starting at Rs. 25 Lacs. The projects offer easy reselling possibilities. In conclusion, IMARAT Residences are the ideal choice for Twin Cities residents and investors looking for safe & secure investment.


For the first time in Pakistan, Smart Living is available at IMARAT Residences by IMARAT Group. The Mall of Arabia serves as the hub of the IMARAT Business District, one of whose essential components is IMARAT Residences.

The simple dwelling design of IMARAT Residences offers a variety of facilities. Strategically positioned in the business district, the project supports the emerging economic activity. Due to its excellent position near more than 20 twin cities housing societies along the Islamabad Expressway, IMARAT Residences helps bridge the gap between the business and residential sectors.

Key Features

The project is conveniently situated 10 minutes from Zero Point in the middle of the Main Islamabad Expressway. In Pakistan, we are introducing the idea of smart living. We are well situated in the Imarat Business District, which is the home of emerging companies and the hub of commerce.


  • Infinity Edge Pool 
  • Lush Gardens 
  • Children’s Play Area 
  • Business Cafes
  • Institutes
  • Movie Theatre 
  • Harley Centre 
  • Gold Souk
  • Four Points by Sheraton

The apartment building will be near to the emerging commercial district and provide tenants with the best amenities. The flats at IMARAT Residences will be fitted and furnished to the tenants’ specifications, allowing them to live completely minimally while still receiving space-saving furnishing services at IMARAT Builders Mall.

These are some of Pakistan’s top commercial real estate ventures. These initiatives are ideal for anyone seeking long-term financial freedom and growth for their hard-earned money. Do not be concerned if you are unable to pay a flat sum. There are many banks that offer loans for commercial investment property.

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