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“Phone Not Registered on Network”  Fixes and Reasons

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It’s very inconvenient to see the message “Phone not registered on network.”Sometimes it happens that your phone gets disconnected from the network and shows an error on the network. There are assorted reasons behind this issue; in this article, you will learn about the reasons and get a thorough guide to fixing the issue of your phone not being registered on a network. First and foremost, comprehend “what does not registered on network mean”? Occasionally, your SIM card is not properly inserted into your phone, causing it to lose network connectivity. When you see the message “Network not seen,” it means it has restricted the incoming and outgoing services of messages and calls.

Why is it displaying “phone not registered on network”?

There are several reasons for the issue:

  1. The SIM card is damaged or disconnected.
  2. The SIM card is not properly inserted.
  3. The carrier network is not selected in your device’s settings.
  4. There is an outage in your area.
  5. There’s an issue with your carrier network.

How do I register a network on the phone?

Resolve your issue here if the “phone not registered on network“:

Restart your phone: Rebooting your device can clear temporary problems on your device. When you restart your device, it troubleshoots the issue and finds your carrier’s network.

 Reinsert your SIM: A wrongly inserted SIM card may cause this issue. So, take out your SIM card and insert that back into the device. Check whether the SIM is placed in the right position or not.

 Customize your setting: Choose your carrier network manually in the settings. So, go to the settings, choose connections, then click on the mobile networks, then network operators, search now, and at last, choose your carrier network. And if there is a low network area then try to convert your network from 5G network to 3G or 2G.

 Choose another SIM card: It may be possible that your SIM card has an issue with connection to the network. You should try another SIM card instead of your current one. If it will connect to the network, it means the issue happened on your SIM card’s side.

 Turn on or off airplane mode: If you can’t find your network, force your device to connect to the available network. Turn on your airplane mode and then turn it off.

 Update APN settings: If the above methods don’t work properly, then you should update your Access Point Settings (APN) settings. This is an advanced method, so be careful, and if something goes wrong, change that back.

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