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How to Invest in Land: Learning from McDonald’s

by janeausten
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Gather around people for a tale that’s both surreal and real, a tale about the world’s largest and most loved fast food chain, a tale that has everything from love and innovation to cunningness and betrayal. This is the tale of how McDonald’s, the happy-go-lucky fast food restaurant, dominated the world of property investing and became one of the largest real estate holding around the globe.

Coming to the main goal of this article is to instill in the readers a sense of venture adventure and box thinking. As well as an understanding of how to effectively use tools like the hard money loans in Houston to better their investment strategies.

Rise & Fall of Mcdonald’s the Fast Food Giant

The now behemoth multination McDonald’s traces back its origin to a small restaurant established in 1954 in San Bernardino, California, by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonalds. The brothers are considered by many to be pioneers of the modern fast food services system due to their introduction of the then-called Speedee Service System. This system was designed around effectively and efficiently replicating a set of recipes to reduce both the cost and customer waiting time – as well as improve product delivery.

However, the effectiveness and innovation of McDonald’s fast food service system are of little concern here. The real estate part of the story starts with the entry of Ray Kroc – because, try as they might, the brothers didn’t find much success in franchising their brand. Mr. Kroc, however, convinced the brothers into a partnership where he’ll deal with the franchising. An ingenious businessman, Ray Kroc used his savings and other financial means, not entirely different from the hard money loans of Houston, to acquire the land of all the franchised restaurants. He later established, in secret, a separate McDonald’s real estate holding company.

Having both established both an exceptionally powerful financial empire and brand image, Ray Kroc proceeded to trademark the McDonald’s name. And finally, he proceeded to strong-arm the brothers into giving up their share of the fast food chain for a comparatively measly compensation. Faced with the possibility of decades-long legal battles and their failing health, the McDonald’s brothers had no choice but to give up what they had created.

Lesson to Be Learned

Today, having its hands in real estate, fast food, and other ventures, McDonald’s stands as a Goliath of the financial world. And it’s without a doubt that legal though they were, some of the tactics used by Ray Kroc were not just questionable but don’t right vile and unethical. However, it’s not these practices that should be learned here but the value of the earth itself. Countless wars have been fought, and lives have been lost over the acquisition of the measliest piece of land. So, the takeaway is that land is important.

Furthermore, other than its monetary importance, real estate has the added value of being one of the safer forms of investment out there. However, real estate is notorious for being expensive. So, what can a person do? Well, that’s where financial tools like the hard money loans of Houston come into play. With as little as a 20 percent down payment, an investor can effectively diversify and improve their investments.


The events relating to the McDonald’s organization are only used here as a means of education. And, although due care has been taken, the history is based on anecdotal references and may, therefore, contain some deviations. Lastly, always consult a professional before making any financial decision.

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