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Best Carriers for French Bulldogs [Review 2023]

by janeausten

French Bulldogs, also known as “Frenchie,” are a popular pet breed known for their small size and charming personalities. While they are small in size, they are still a sturdy breed that requires a good quality carrier when it comes to traveling. Whether you’re heading to the vet, taking a road trip, or flying, having the right Best Carriers For French Bulldogs will make the experience easier and more comfortable for your furry friend.

Types of Carriers

Soft-Sided Carriers

Soft-sided carriers are made from lightweight, durable materials like nylon or canvas. They are typically more comfortable for your dog to be in and are easier to transport. They are ideal for short trips, as they are not designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Hard-Sided Carriers

Hard-sided carriers are made from a rigid plastic or metal material that provides a safe and secure space for your dog. They are ideal for air travel as they meet most airline requirements and are designed to protect your pet in the event of turbulence. However, they are typically heavier and not as comfortable for your dog as a soft-sided carrier.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carrier


Ensure the carrier is big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to choose a carrier that is 1.5 times the length of your dog and 1.5 times the height of your dog.


Choose a carrier that is comfortable for your dog to be in. Look for carriers with padded sides, bottoms, and straps to prevent your dog from getting jostled around.


Choose a carrier that is durable and can withstand the weight of your dog and any rough handling that may occur during travel. Look for carriers with reinforced seams, strong zippers, and sturdy handles.

Ease of Use

Choose a carrier that is easy for you to carry, especially if you will be traveling frequently. Look for carriers with adjustable straps that can be worn over your shoulder or attached to a luggage cart.

Top 5 Best Carriers for French Bulldogs

Petmate Two-Door Top Load Carrier

This carrier is made from heavy-duty plastic and is designed for air travel. It has two doors for easy access, a non-slip floor, and plenty of ventilation. It is also lightweight, making it easy to transport.

Sherpa Deluxe Carrier

The Sherpa Deluxe Carrier is a soft-sided carrier made from durable nylon. It is lightweight and has adjustable shoulder straps, making it easy to carry. It also has a spacious interior and a comfortable, cozy bottom for your dog.

Airline-Approved Pet Carrier by BLUEBERRY PET

This carrier is made from high-quality, water-resistant polyester and is designed to meet most airline requirements. It has a spacious interior, a comfortable fleece bed, and a front opening for easy access.

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

This carrier is made from durable, water-resistant polyester and has a spacious interior for your dog to relax in. It also has adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport and a front opening for easy access.

Pet Porter Fashion Carrier

The Pet Porter Fashion Carrier is a hard-sided carrier made from heavy-duty plastic. It has a spacious interior, plenty of ventilation, and a comfortable, cozy bed for your dog. It is also lightweight, making it easy to transport.


In conclusion, choosing the right carrier for your French Bulldog is an important decision that will ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during travel. When selecting a carrier, consider factors such as size, comfort, durability, and ease of use. The Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier, Sherpa Deluxe Carrier, Airline Approved Pet Carrier by BLUEBERRY PET, AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier, and Pet Porter Fashion Carrier are all excellent options for French Bulldogs. By taking the time to choose the right carrier, you can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and safe during all of your adventures together.

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