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Top 6 Reasons for Using an Eyebrow Scrub

by janeausten
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We’re all aware that we should clean our ears, but do you remember to exfoliate your brows as well? Brow professionals advocate exfoliating the brows to prevent ingrown hairs and increase hair development. No, you will not need to add another step to your current multi-step skin care regimen. It is simple to incorporate brow exfoliation into the process.

When applying brow makeup, you should avoid exfoliating your actual brows. Instead, you use a facial scrub to go around the border of your brow hair. So, after concentrating on removing blackheads from your nose, pay attention to your brows. Exfoliating this area, like the rest of your face, will aid in the removal of dead skin cells.

But Why Use a Face Scrub?

What Exactly Is Eyebrow Scrub?

Dead skin is removed gently and painlessly thanks to the aiding action of natural substances. Active ingredients ensure that the color is evenly dispersed and make the skin more sensitive to henna or eyebrow dye. This is especially important during the seasons when skin is exposed to unfavorable conditions such as cold, wind, rain, or snow.

Mina Brow Scrub is a non-greasy, lightweight scrub product designed to remove dead skin cells from the brows and surrounding area. It is a powerful, purifying brow self-treatment that enhances and prolongs the eyebrow henna coloring effect. Because of its wealth of natural components, it relaxes the skin, gently removes dead skin cells and aids in moisture retention. Furthermore, it promotes thicker and healthier brow hair growth, giving them a naturally superior appearance.

Organic passion fruit juice, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, grapefruit seed extract, organic shea butter, and rose petals powder are all-natural components.

The skin-nourishing shea butter stimulates dormant hair follicles. Jojoba oil revitalizes, moisturizes, and softens the skin. Almond oil moisturizes the skin and hair and is a natural exfoliator, rose petal powder, the removal of dead skin increases the capacity to absorb dye or henna-based color.

Natural organic brow scrub is free of harmful chemicals and composed entirely of natural ingredients.

– Using an eyebrow cleanse can improve the strength and longevity of henna coloring results.

– It exfoliates the skin between the brows by removing dead skin cells.

– Removes all dirt and pollutants off the skin while soothing it.

– Suitable for all skin types.

How Should It Be Used?

Dip a cotton bud or micro brush in a small amount of scrub.

Gently press the scrub into the area beneath the brow hair to get it on the skin.

To remove, use a wet cotton pad.

– After the scrub, use the Mina Brow Shampoo and Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser.

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