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What Will You Get To Learn In PPC Training?

by janeausten

When it comes to online marketing, there are a few things more important than learning how to optimise your campaigns for maximum impact. And one of the best ways to do this is through PPC (pay-per-click) training. This blog post will outline some of the key benefits of PPC training and provide a list of resources to help you learn more about optimising your campaigns.

 From campaign tips to case studies, read on to understand what PPC training can offer you.

Opportunities for both professional and personal growth abound at Selecta Training. Their classes address a broad spectrum of issues. Each client or company has specific needs. Thus they tailor their training courses accordingly.

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing strategy that allows advertisers to pay each time someone clicks on a search advertisement.

The basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are that you pay a company to place ads on your website or blog, and as a result, you receive a commission for every click on the ad. This commission is based on how much money the ad generated.

PPC training is a training program or class that teaches individuals how to create, manage, and optimise PPC advertising campaigns. 

Different Types Of PPC

The different types of PPC include search engine marketing, display advertising, and online marketing. 

In search engine marketing, you will learn how to optimise your website for Google searches. Display advertising includes using online banners, text ads, and popup ads. Online marketing includes developing customer relationships through email marketing and social media campaigns.

What Are The Advantages Of PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a great way to reach potential customers online. With PPC, you can place ads on search engines and other online platforms and receive payments for clicks or impressions. There are many advantages to using PPC, including the following:

1. Increased Reach: With PPC, you can target a wider audience than with traditional methods. You can reach more people with your ad campaign, leading to higher clickthrough rates and better conversion rates.

2. Cost Effective: PPC is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods. You only pay for what is clicked on or viewed, which means that your budget will be stretched further with PPC advertising.

3. More Flexible Campaigns: With PPC, you have more control over your ad campaigns than with other forms of advertising. You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously without worrying about conflicting deadlines or restrictions.

4. More Engaging Ads: With PPC, you can create more engaging and interesting ads than those produced through other methods. This will help you attract attention from potential customers and increase conversion rates.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PPC Training

There are many advantages to taking PPC training. First and foremost, you will learn the ins and outs of paid search advertising, including how to create effective ad campaigns and target your audience.

 Secondly, you will gain knowledge of the different search engine algorithms, allowing you to improve your campaign performance successively.

Thirdly, you will develop strong marketing skills that can be applied to various businesses. Finally, the trainers in these programs are experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge and insight to share.

Disadvantages of PPC Training 

As with any form of learning, there are also disadvantages associated with PPC training. First and foremost, it can be expensive; if you aren’t prepared to devote the necessary time and effort, this program may not be for you. 

Secondly, as with any form of marketing, PPC requires ongoing effort; if you stop working on your campaigns midway through the training program or don’t maintain an active account after completing the program, your results may suffer. 

Thirdly, because paid search is an evolving industry, some parts of PPC training may become out-of-date quite quickly – something that you’ll need to be aware of if you’re planning on using this strategy in the future.


Setting Up A PPC Training

PPC training can teach you how to measure and optimise your campaigns, identify and correct common campaign mistakes, create and manage ad campaigns, and track the performance of your campaigns. However, there is no one right way to do PPC. That’s why firms often offer a variety of courses that cover a range of specific topics. 

So what will you learn in PPC training? In general, you’ll learn how to:

 • Measure the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns

 • Choose the right keywords for your ads and landing pages

 • Create effective ads

 • Manage your ad campaign settings

 • Monetise Your Campaigns.

Some popular PPC training topics include Bid Management (including creating bids and optimising bids), Ad Creation (including creating effective ads and targeting users), Google Ads Reporting (including understanding advanced reporting options, including AdWords Express Reports), Conversion Tracking & Optimization (including tracking clicks and conversions), Account Management & Set Up (for setting up an account with Google Ads as well as learning about cookies, daily bidding limits, ad scheduling, etc.), 

Tracking Your PPC Campaigns

1. Learn how to create effective ad copy and landing pages. 

2. Use Google Analytics to track your campaigns and their performance. 

3. Understand how bidding works and how to optimise for the best results.

4. Get tips for managing your budget and optimising your campaign for long-term success.


Today’s businesses of all sizes need to have a presence online. A well-planned and executed PPC campaign can help your business achieve its desired goals and gain an advantage over your competition. With the right training, you can learn all there is to know about PPC marketing and create a successful campaign. We hope this article has given you some insight into what PPC training can offer and that you will consider our program when deciding.

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