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Top Features You Must Include In Backyard Pool Designs

by janeausten

If your pool was constructed decades ago, it would likely be a really simple one. Back then, pool builders needed more creative ideas that could completely transform the pool area. Today, you can even get resort-like settings in backyard pool designs in Riverside, CA. If you are also willing to install a swimming pool in your backyard area, you must check out some of the best pool renovation ideas to help you update your pool and bring it into the twenty-first century. In this blog, you will learn about the top features that are in trend, and you can also include them in your pool area.

A New Look

Modernizing your pool is as simple as giving it a new coat of paint. There are countless ways to finish. Pebble finishes are more elegant and comfortable underfoot and last longer than plaster finishes. Both options will give your pool fresh vitality but carefully evaluate the hue. While brighter colors produce a more vibrant pool, darker shades give off a more dramatic appearance. This is an excellent chance to add a splash of color to coordinate with the home’s exterior or outside living area.

Solar Shelves

A sun shelf gives you an entirely new way to enjoy your pool and is arguably the most popular addition since the diving board. This large ledge is normally found at the shallow end and is submerged about six feet below the surface. It’s a spot where you can stay cool and catch some sun. You may indulge in your summer beach reading in style by adding some chaise loungers, an umbrella, and a side table.

Features of Water

The sound and motion of a water feature could benefit your static swimming pool. A brief addition produces a calm dynamic, such as a waterfall that drops sheer. Combine this with bubblers on the sun shelf or several water arcs from the deck to create a relaxing soundtrack that drowns out nearby traffic. LED lights can illuminate these elements, transforming your pool into a stunning nightly display.

The Beach Entry

If you want to do something interesting, then giving a beach entry to your pool is something you should add. So, consider wading into the water gently rather than diving in. The advantage of a beach entry is that. Like the sun shelf, this pool area also provides lots of space for sunning and play areas for babies who aren’t yet ready to swim. You can call Exotic Waterworlds, a popular pool installation service in Riverside, CA, working for years.

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