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Cost-Efficient Benefits of Installing an Electric Wall Heater

by janeausten

Only in recent years have builders and homeowners realized how useful it is to have an electric wall heater as a backup to the more conventional central gas heating system. These relatively straightforward pieces of technology are now viable options because of the many benefits they provide, such as reduced costs and positive effects on the environment.

Electric wall heaters may be an overlooked yet great alternative for bringing your home into the modern century, whether you’re trying to update your current heating system or start from scratch.

Very Straightforward Setup

Electric wall heaters are the most convenient method of increasing a home’s temperature. Ducts added to a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system may interfere with the way the furnace is supposed to distribute air throughout the house.

It is possible to enhance the heating system with wall-mounted electric heaters in the few rooms that need them. They can function without adjusting the original system.

Allows Individual Room Temperature Regulation

One of the best things about electric wall heating is how simple and adaptable it is to individual preferences. The digital thermostats and 24- or even 7-day timers that are standard equipment make it possible to program an entire heating cycle that can be readily adjusted to fit your lifestyle while still keeping your energy costs low.

Thermostats turn on and off heaters to keep rooms at a steady temperature, while timers let you schedule your heating needs with pinpoint accuracy. If you have multiple electric heaters throughout your home, this is a convenient way to save yourself the trouble of manually switching them on and off at the times you choose.

These two additions not only increase your level of comfort but also your savings over the course of the year due to the reduced need for heating. 

Potential Pitfalls Minimized

A centralized gas system is vulnerable to a wide variety of potential problems. As the temperature changes, pipes that are easily affected can either expand and explode or freeze and crack.

Mold and mildew can be caused by poorly installed systems, but avoiding the higher energy costs of a gas central heating system can be just as much of a factor. Because of the high cost of replacing these systems whenever they burst or leak, electric wall heaters are preferable because they pose no such risk and can be easily installed.

These systems can’t prevent mold from growing in your home entirely, but if you use the right kind, you can make sure there are no chilly places in the house. Electrical heating systems of the modern era are much more efficient in distributing heat than the older, more conventional convection heating methods, which can lead to the formation of cold spots.


Natural gas central heating systems are not only commonly inefficient but also environmentally unfriendly. They pollute the environment and use nonrenewable resources.

The greatest electric heaters, such as the wall-mounted electric panel heaters available at eheat.com are not only effective at reducing heating costs but also totally reusable, allowing factories to ensure their products have an indefinite shelf life. Not only are they silent, but they also produce no carbon dioxide during operation, eliminating any potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Wrapping Up

When used in conjunction with a central heating system, electric space heaters allow you to lower the temperature at which you keep your home at a constant temperature while increasing the heat in certain rooms. Spend less on utilities and relax in comfort.

Whether you’re trying to warm up a drafty room, an extra space, or a newly finished basement, electric heat can be a very efficient, affordable, and pleasant option. Check out eheat.com for a wall-mounted electric heater that will keep you warm without breaking the bank.

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