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Most Essential Skills Needed For .NET Developer You Must Be Aware Of

by janeausten

You have many options available while choosing a web development framework for your business, but the challenging part is choosing one.

There are many software development frameworks available in the market, but out of all the web development frameworks, one name that stands out is “.Net”. .Net Framework plays a critical role in the software development industry when it comes to creating applications and software.

The .Net technology is one of the most popular and used frameworks that can work with different programming languages. Now, every small and big company is using it for web development. So, hiring a .Net developer with the required skills and knowledge becomes crucial for any business to grow and succeed.

Before knowing about the required skills of a .Net developer, let us know about the .Net developer and what they do.

Who’s a .Net developer? What does a .Net developer do?

A .Net developer is an IT professional who uses Microsoft’s .Net framework to create and design web applications and software.

.Net developers are responsible for all the software development activities that take place during the development. They analyze, design, develop, test, implement, document, and evaluate the whole process according to the enterprise’s needs.

.Net developer works with different programming languages such as VB.NET, C# (C sharp) and F# (F sharp) and creates applications that run on platforms like Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Other than that, .Net developers

  • Manage software projects
  • Gather all the required information
  • Create a prototype and wireframe
  • Find and remove errors in codes
  • Problem-solving
  • Communicate through the support team

There are some essential skills that you should keep in mind before hiring Dot Net development services. For additional information on what to look for in a .Net developer, our comprehensive Guide on Hiring .Net Developers can provide valuable insights.

Most Essential .Net developer Skills that you should be aware of

It is crucial to find a dedicated dot Net developer who understands the project details and has the proper mastery of desktop and web application development. A developer with the right skill set can be a game changer for your business.

Consider the following list of skills to find the right .Net developer for your business.

.Net MVC Pattern (Model View Controller)

In recent times software development technology has been through many changes, one of them being MVC for developing apps and software.

MVC is one of the most preferred ways of developing an app using architecture patterns. MVC separates applications into three components, model, view and controller. The components help the developer to handle the development aspects of the .Net framework and enable them to modularise the code and various interfaces.

Learning MVC allows developers to create applications three times faster than other development architecture and helps them modify the application without affecting the entire model. Moreover, MVC is easy to plan and maintain, manages large files, and is SEO friendly making it a crucial skill to learn.

With the increasing demand and ability to serve different purposes, developers have no choice but to improve and master the MVC skills.

Client-Side Technologies

It is vital for developers to have an understanding of client-side technology (frontend framework) to diversify their skills and increase their value.

.Net’s core applications generally rely on frontend languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Using client-side technology, .Net developers can make highly interactive, innovative and aesthetic applications. Developers can also take leverage of the separation of concern principle in which the content of the page is separated from its layout, styling and behaviour of the applications and by using it, developers can make future changes.

Client-side technology provides developers with templates, pre-return snippet codes and integrated elements to manage user interaction.

Understanding client-side technologies is a critical skill to have, and every business should consider it before Hiring a Dot Net developer.

MCSD Certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

MCSD certification is one of the must-have certificates for a .Net developer.

The certificate opens up multiple doors for the developer in terms of a better job, pay and projects.

MCSD certification exam tests the developers’ ability to design and develop custom business applications with the Microsoft platform.

It is a certification of excellence provided by Microsoft upon completing the Microsoft certification exam. The certification exam consists of pivotal technologies like Azure, C+ +, SharePoint, Office Client, Visual Studio, .Net, and HTML.

MCSD certificate is globally acknowledged and considered by all the major brands making MCSD a must for the .Net developers.

.Net MVP pattern (Model View Presenter)

The MVP is an upgrade of .Net MVC software architecture. MVP is one of the most preferred and demanding architectural patterns that develop applications.

Model, View and Presenter are the three layers. In MVP the layers and business logic are split to test and understand the code.

Developers with the skill set of MVP can conquer the challenges faced by MVC. MVP helps developers structure codes effortlessly. It provides testability, modularity, and a clear and sustainable codebase. Moreover, codes are reusable, and the modifications become easy to apply.

Understanding and knowing MVP can help developers create an ideal application for your business.

The Database

It is a systematic and structural collection of data, managed by tools that help developers analyze, edit, monitor, import and export the data.

The database is an essential factor in creating a web application using a .Net or any framework. It allows .Net developers not only with recovery and updating of data but also helps with authentication of the websites having login and signup functionality.

SQL databases are considered the most suited database for .Net. But, comprehending NoSQL databases can add more value to the developer’s portfolio.

.Net developer who is versatile and has all the necessary skills using databases such as SQL, MYSQL, SQLite, and Oracle can help the company reach desired objectives.

Problem-solving ability

Every job comes with its problems, challenges and responsibilities and developing an application using .Net can be problematic and challenging at times.

Problem-solving is a process of determining the solution by identifying the problem, analyzing it and selecting the best solution.

The problems can be technical, non-technical or related to the customer’s query, a Skilled developer should have a critical thinking approach to deal with their concerns to find the right solution.

Businesses should consider problem-solving as a crucial factor in choosing a Dot Net development company.

Project Management skills

It may seem that project management has nothing to do with Software development and framework, but that’s not the case.

There will always be some kind of problems that will occur while creating an app using the .Net framework. It could be time management, coding errors, communication gaps or any other reason.

Project management is required to solve those problems and guides the development team to follow a single vision.

Project management is the skill that every developer requires. It helps developers to create an impactful web application using available resources. Also, it involves the whole team communicating and working together to make the project successful.


The .Net framework is leading the chart as a top web development framework, creating a high demand for .Net application developers. In this demand, it becomes crucial for businesses to select the right .Net software developer who can create a highly responsive and reliable application for your business.

Businesses should keep all the essential skills in mind, whether it is technical or non-technical while reviewing different developers’ applications. It will eventually help businesses to get the perfect web application for their business.

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