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Pros & Cons of Adding Heels to Your Bridal Wear on Wedding Day

by janeausten
Bridal Heels

We all want to look beautiful. Especially when it’s a wedding day. And what would be one best way to add stars to your wedding day other than wedding heels? A wedding heel adds up beauty and style to your overall look. It makes you attracted to the room, giving you sudden and unexpected attention from the guests. 

On your wedding day, you can add a special touch of elegance to your bridal wear with a pair of heels. Heels can add a touch of glamour to your look and can be a perfect way to make a statement on your special day. Whether you are looking for a classic pump or a more contemporary sandal, there are a variety of styles to choose from to give you the look you desire.

The idea of Bridal Heels surely brings your best look indeed but it also comes with several cons. It’s a touchy subject that no one, especially no women, talks about. Bridal heels have some considerable cons too if you are not habituated to wearing heels. Today in this blog, We are going to share the pros & cons of adding heals to your bridal wear on your wedding day. 

Pros of Wearing Heels On Your Wedding Day:

There are plenty of good things with heels. Especially when you are a fashion freak and love to show your best on your best day. 

1. Shows off Your Fashion Skills:

The best thing about wearing heels is that it gives you a perfect opportunity to show off your fashion skills. The market is full of countless options out there. You will easily find good-looking heels having quality in them. Some of these fashionable heels are Bedazzled, Sparkly heels, ribbon heels, and many others which you can use to demonstrate your creativity and style. Your shoes can be your fashion statement on the big day. 

There are seemingly infinite options out there in the market that would fulfil all your needs. But if you want elegant heels bridal wear, choose the one & only stop for heel lovers ‘Freya Rose’. Click on the link below. 

2. Increases Your Height:

Height is an interesting point of discussion when it comes to the point of heels. There are major two reasons why you should always choose a heel to wear. First- some women need to fill the height gap between them and their to-be husbands. They have a large height gap and to look better together in pictures, the best way is to use heels. Second-Heels reduce the need to have your dress hemmed. Hemming a dress can be costly and if not done rightly, it can cost you the whole dress. With a stylish heel, you can achieve both of these easily and with style. 

3. Improve Your Overall Look:

A pair of white heels have always been the trading style of brides. The modern fashion style however gives you liberty in choosing the colours of the shoes. Wearing heels gives a sparkling aura to your overall look. Heels can give you an elegant strut. Also, it makes you look sleeker and projects your legs longer and more beautifully. 

Add the experience and feel to the list. Wearing heels gives you the feel of being on a special occasion. This feels worth your money and effort. 

Cons of Wearing Heels:

Now let’s talk about the downsides of wearing heels. You may have experienced some of these. Read Below. 

1. Discomfort:

Discomfort is one big reason to say no to heels. Despite being so fabulous in style, heels can be very uncomfortable to carry. The discomfort doesn’t let you enjoy your wedding day at best. In all parts of the world, festivities or occasions run for long hours, and your feet can get tired and start itching & aching. If your feet get very tired easily, heels may not be the best choice for you. You should opt for flat footwear matching your signature style. 

2. It Creates Height Issues:

Again we have come to the height factor. If you belong to the tall bride community, wearing heels can go wrong with you. The heels can make you look taller than your fiancé. And you both may not like it. A flat will however be good for this situation. But truly it depends on you both whether it affects you or not. If you both are comfortable and your to-be groom has no issue with you being taller, go and buy the best heels for bridal wear. 

3. Difficulty in Mobility:

The heels look good but decrease the freedom of your legs. It can be very difficult to walk in those pairs of shoes. You can’t walk much as it may cause aches in your legs. Also, you can’t run or walk fast in heels. If you are a person who loves comfort & freedom more than style, heels are a big no for you. Buy some good flats to enjoy fashion and comfort at the same time. 

4. Creates Environmental Restrictions:

Destination weddings are in trend nowadays. If you are going to attend a wedding in some natural habitat then wearing a heel can cause you trouble. You will not be able to walk in natural settings such as grass or sand. For these, a flat would be a better option for you. 


Heels are a great option when you are going to attend a wedding. It adds style to your overall looks and offers you attention from people in the festivity. However, wearing a heel has some drawbacks too. In this blog, I have discussed both pros & cons of wearing a heel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in the market for optimising both comfort & style for a wedding occasion. 

If you are a profound lover of heels and have no discomfort wearing them, your one-stop destination for buying heels for weddings should be Freya Rose Luxurious Bridal Shoes. They offer elegant & unique shoes for bridal wear.  

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