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Experiences at The Postcard 

Today’s evolved and aware travelers covet transformative experiences that will stay with them. Something perceptive, real, and tangible. The Postcard aims to fulfill this yearning for its guests. Having moved farther from offering the mainstream and ordinary, the hotel offers individually curated experiences, catering to modern-day luxury guests through some of the best luxury hotels in India and across the world. As a luxury boutique hotel brand, we handpick destinations that offer distinct, authentic journeys for our guests, thereby making our hotels experiential. Currently, the brand has a small inventory of hotel rooms in Kochi, Goa, Gir, Trasi, Galle, and Thimphu. 

With the best luxury hotels in India, each experience at The Postcard is conceptualized to provide a true sense of the neighborhood and the destination. Their dedicated experienced team starts with extensive preliminary research – cataloging diverse experiences of the region, be it spiritual, cultural, historic, adventurous, or even wildlife experiences. After distilling down to encounters and experiences that will leave our guests enriched, these are further elaborated, tailored, and documented. A deep dive into the logistics and nuances of the experience determines if the affair is safe, insightful, and meaningful for the traveler. Prior to a hotel opening, the experienced team runs each episode multiple times, to curate and mold stories and personalization for guests. An example would be the heritage walk at The Postcard Mandalay Hall, Kochi, which was recently awarded as India’s Leading Design Hotel by World Travel Awards 2022. As is the purpose of the heritage walk, the guests immerse themselves in a worthwhile, unexplored, cultural expedition by discovering the quaint streets of Kochi on foot— giving them a glimpse into the city’s rich history; exploring the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and Jewish influences that make the city unique through stories of a resident guide. What’s more? The hotel rooms in Kochi are also galleries that are designed by renowned artists in a unique way. 

Working with the Local Community

As one of the brands offering the best luxury hotels in India, The Postcard Hotel, we are committed to working closely with the local community, recognizing them as the heroes of crafting insightful and progressive odysseys. As curators for their guests, they would want them to appreciate the distinct identity of each destination through its history, architecture, culture, food, and, most importantly, its people. They are devoted to bringing back “the old way of holiday”- a pure, unadulterated, simple way for our guests to experience and connect with the local community. Their hotel rooms in Kochi, Trasi, Thimphu, Galle, Gir, and Goa involve the local community in design and curation in order to positively contribute towards the betterment of the locale while operating mindfully.

A small, joyous way of giving back to the community and integrating them is through employing and training locals – bringing cultural authenticity to our hotels. They also actively support artists and artisans from the region. Take the walls of each guest room at The Postcard Dewa, Thimphu, for instance, intricately hand painted by a local artist – an exhibition of the artists’ lived experiences showcased through murals, depicting the people, society, and traditions of Bhutan. Another example is how, at their recently opened hotel which is also one of the best luxury resorts in India, The Postcard on the Arabian Sea, guests experience a sunrise from the ocean early in the morning. This surely is a transformative experience – surrounded by tranquility, the sound of the waves, and watching the magic of nature

At each of their hotel rooms in Kochi, Gir, Goa, Trasi, Thimphu, and Galle, they legitimately blend the local materials and designs in our architectural language to connect guests with the spirit of the place. Guests are appreciative of how each Postcard offers a diverse setting, making no two-stay experiences alike.

Even the cuisine offerings in each of their best luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, and Thimphu are experiential and educational. In fact, they had a guest who stayed with them at The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and was surprised to uncover a new side of the regional cuisine of Saurashtra, acknowledging the region’s wider Parsi influence and the exceptional seafood from the coast of Veraval. Even on their menus, every dish is a living story that articulates the destination’s culture, people, and traditions to guests.

The constant positive and encouraging feedback received from guests strengthens their belief that they are moving towards a vision of bringing back the joy of destination-inspired travel. 

Mirroring the energy and heritage of Kochi, recently awarded India’s Leading Design Hotel at the World Travel Awards 2022, The Postcard Mandalay Hall has become one of the best luxury resorts in India is an urban oasis located in Mattancherry, a complex of elegantly preserved buildings, over 200 years old. The luxury resort anchors this stylish mixed-use cultural destination, occupying one of the area’s few remaining historical landmarks designed by Tony Joseph. The hotel rooms in Kochi, also known as galleries by distinct, renowned designers, bring an artistic experience to you. 

At each of their best luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, and Galle, guests uncover a wholly sensory experience- a union of sights, scents, and tastes that immerse you in the epoch-making surroundings. With every destination having its own charm and elegance for guests, The Postcard has ensured each hotel serves an exceptional quality of service and experience for their guests. Take for instance the hotel rooms in Kochi which give a unique experience for guests to rediscover art and design like never before. In fact, a lot of guests have experienced the art and flavors of Kerala cuisine, making them meet with the destination’s history, culture, and traditions- all at the same time. 

The Postcard Hotel is going to keep growing to explore untapped destinations and offer guests an experience like no other.  Their upcoming hotels will go to destinations that are by the ocean, around wildlife sanctuaries, near wine and tea estates, and also revive historically significant buildings- each giving their leisure travelers stories to unravel. Welcome to The Postcard Hotel.

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