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6 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin in Winters 

by janeausten

We have to modify or adjust our skincare routine as we move from one season to another, i.e. from monsoon to winter. Monsoon months are humid and sticky while winter months are dry. So, your skincare strategies used in monsoon months are not helpful to you for caring for your skin in winter. If you do not make a shift or changes in your skincare routines, you can have chronic dryness, breakthrough and damaged skin. You can visit a unisex salon or apply the following steps to take care of your skin in winter:

1. Do not take extremely hot baths or showers  

During winter, having a hot shower is a popular and comforting practice. However, it is harmful to your skin as it destroys the natural lipid barrier of your skin and makes it dry out. Instead of having a hot shower, you can take a short warm shower that could be soothing for you without any negative effects. Before having a warm shower, you can apply body oil to retain your skin moisture. 

2. Apply the sunscreen 

In general, winter months are dark and have a lack of scorching heat. However, you should not avoid applying sunscreen as the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can penetrate through the clouds on the darkest days. A natural sunscreen has enough SPF properties and moisture to facilitate you to keep your skin smooth in winter. 

3. Moisturise your skin 

Due to being dry in nature, winters are detrimental to your skin. By moisturising your skin, you can safeguard yourself from skin damage and chronic dryness that are common in winter. Based on your skin type, you can pick moisture that will work on your skin and keep it safer from harsh winter effects. 

4. Stay hydrated 

To take proper care of your skin in all seasons, staying hydrated is the most effective and best skincare tip. Excess intake of tea, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, or coffee depletes essential nutrients in your body. Drinking enough plain water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated increases blood circulation within the skin. And increased blood circulation improves your skin’s ability to repair itself.   

5. Keep exercising 

Due to extreme coldness in the morning and evening hours, many people leave exercising in winter. You should exercise in your house if going out for walking is not possible due to the chilling weather conditions. Exercises help you improve blood circulation within your skin, especially blood oxygenation. You can do moderate yoga poses and stretches inside your house for better care of your skin in winter. 

6. Stay focused on taking a well-balanced diet every time 

Usually, a healthy diet is an underrated aspect of skincare strategy. Including enough seasonal and fresh fruits in your diet helps you get adequate nutrients that facilitate your skin to stay nourished and smooth. A healthy and well-balanced diet helps your skin stay safe from common issues of winter. 


A shift in weather is a signal to change your skincare routine to make your skin stay glowing and safe from any damage. Applying the above-stated steps/ways will help you take proper care of your skin in winter.

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