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Guide on Cornflower Blue Sapphire

by janeausten

The cornflower blue sapphire shades the most prized gemstones in the world. The name – cornflower blue sapphire comes from one of the rare flowers that are completely blue rather than purple or violet. So the sapphire has a color similar to cornflower’s intense blue color. 

Origin of the Cornflower blue sapphire

The cornflower is one of the few blue flowers, rather than violet or purple; thus, a cornflower blue sapphire is a gemstone the same color as the cornflower. Sapphires have undertones of green or purple, while it is said to be “true” blue, along with excellent tone and saturation to highlight the purity. 

Although the phrase “cornflower blue” is more descriptive than exact, it is very uncommon to find a sapphire of pure blue, and thus these stones are particularly prized. In 2013, a 114.74-carat cornflower blue Burmese sapphire was sold for $7,223 285 at Sotheby’s geneva. This is not just a great size for a high-quality natural sapphire; the cornflower blue color makes it valuable. Other variations of sapphire include yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, green, purple, orange, black and white sapphire. 

Color of the Cornflower blue sapphire

For a sapphire to be called “blue”, the primary color must account for at least 85% of the purple gemstone. The most prized blue sapphire ranges from velvety blue to violet-blue in medium to medium dark tones, with vivid stones, which means the color varies from different angles. Thus a skilled gem cutter will make the most of the blue with high clarity and vibrance. 

Most sapphires contain minor inclusions, known as rutile needles or “silk”, that decrease the stone’s transparency. A sapphire without inclusions would be considered fake. In rare situations, light can reflect from the inclusions to create a star effect or “asterism” that increases the gemstone’s value. 

Astrological benefits of the cornflower blue sapphire

As a holy gemstone, cornflower blue sapphire carries a divine aura in almost every ancient culture. The sapphire’s magnificent blue color represents the mysterious abilities of Saturn. Cornflower blue is a rare variety that isn’t found in abundance. The medium to light tone and vivid natural hue makes it a desirable gem. Below are the astrological benefits:

  1. Invokes Wisdom and learning
  2. Encourages self-discipline
  3. Imparts Justice
  4. Symbolizes Love and commitment
  5. Brings spiritual awareness
  6. Protects from evil
  7. Carries healing energies

Things to consider before you buy cornflower blue sapphire crystal

The blue color of the sapphire varies a lot to the naked eye due to the level of brilliance of the gemstone, based on the lighting condition. If you are to buy cornflower blue sapphire online, inform the provider to take a decent photograph under the right lighting conditions. 

This way can be much safer than buying it personally since you can color correct the photo yourself. It also cuts the buying pressure on the salesperson. You can choose the most desired cut based on the availability in the market. 

Before you buy cornflower blue sapphire gemstone, you should also be careful about the quality of the cut. The most basic is the absence of a window; the windowed gem will not reflect the light as it is see-through. The stone should be a manageable length and shallow. The girdle line should be even, and the culet should be at the center when looked at from below:

Value of Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire with good clarity is usually sold in the international market between 800 – 1500 US dollars per carat. You can find it for an even lower price if the color is darker or lighter when inclusions are present. It should be noted that when the carat stone is high, the per carat becomes expensive as these are good investments apart from wearing them. 

The value also differs in origin, and the most valued are Ceylon and Kashmir-origin cornflower blue sapphires. The majority of the cornflower blues are that of Ceylon, and Kashmir’s origin is not readily available. 

Care and Cleaning of the cornflower blue sapphire

Safest way to clean a sapphire is to wash it in warm soapy water and wipe it later with a gem cleaning cloth. Once set, use a soft paint brush to clean through the setting. You don’t need to use chemicals to clean the stone. The hardness of the sapphire can take a high quality polish and therefore washing in soapy water is sufficient. 


Now the choice is yours, whether you want to live a happy or unhappy life. The outside world may be confusing, but one thing is sure, owning a cornflower blue sapphire will keep you above the rest. We hope you gained a deeper understanding of the different phases of gemstones. 

Witness the beauty of cornflower blue sapphire and go forth!

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