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5 Of The Best Typewriter Keyboard For 2023

by janeausten
The Best Typewriter Keyboard

As the development of technology progresses, the traditional typewriter keyboard is no longer just for the old folks. Well, it is sure that it is a very important and practical tool for a writer today. So this article will guide you to explore a few best typewriter keyboards for 2023.

Nowadays, keyboards are also compatible with tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Various typewriter keyboards even have a tray to hold a phone or tablet computer. The keyboard listed below offers a vintage look while combining modern technology, including a USB connector, mechanical input, and volume control. These beneficial features make it a great keyboard for both home and office use. 

However, if you’re seeking a keyboard that gives you the old-fashioned typing experience, typewriter keyboards are for you. Just because technology has evolved, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon older technologies. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are getting sick of dealing with computers. Isn’t it the right time for you to think about giving manual typewriters keyboards a try?

Best Typewriter Keyboard: Our Top Picks

Here we have rounded up a few best typewriter keyboards for 2023, have a look!

1. Durgod

Their mechanical keyboard is a great choice for both PC and Mac users alike. Its function keys are totally programmable, and its included software supports full key remapping and complex macros. They design the best typewriter keyboard for those who want the speed and performance of a mechanical gaming keyboard. While preferring the classic look of a retro typewriter keyboard model. The cherry MX switches offer tactile response and feedback, plus great durability.

In addition, it comes with convenient USB-C cables and even has a key puller tool so you can replace the keycaps. Also, the adjustable feet help with achieving a more comfortable angle for the best typing experience. An excellent overall typing experience can be achieved with their best keyboard for programming that has a full-size 105-key layout.

2. Lofree

This brand opened its gate back in 2017. Since then, from getting inspired by classic typewriters, they designed a retro wireless mechanical keyboard—and got great marks on Indiegogo in 2017. For now, more than 2000,000 keyboards of The Dot series have been sold worldwide.

In case you consider this brand, apply our Lofree Discount Code to enjoy further great savings. 

Lofree is a lifestyle brand started by a group of brainy designers, focusing on the space at your fingertips. Whether for your office, in a living room, or going outdoors for fun. Lofree strives hard to spice up your boring life with their interesting products.

3. Keychron

If you’re searching for the best wireless typewriter keyboard for your devices. And if you value an old-school, tactile feel and classic keyboard aesthetics, their mechanical keyboard is definitely worth considering. Unlike other Bluetooth keyboards, it provides full functionality with Mac OS. It also feels smooth to type on, and its compact size saves desk space without taking away any important features.

Their backlit keyboard functions via Bluetooth 5.1 or alternatively can be set up as a wired keyboard using the USB-C cable. It uses the Gateron red switch, offering the feel of genuine mechanical typewriters. For the gamer, it also has features like an N-key rollover in wired mode and programmable working keys.

4. Vortexgear

Their compact keyboard doesn’t take up as much desk space as some of the other models of the typewriter keyboard. It offers great versatility, with Mac, Linux, and Windows compatibility and with fully reprogrammable keys. Their keyboards come in a classic vintage grey and white colour scheme, and it provides RGB replacement keycaps. It also lets you program different layers, including Dvorak and Qwerty. However, if you’re looking for a retro wireless keyboard, you’ll have to look somewhere else, as this model lacks a wireless option.

Like most of the gaming keyboards, it includes N key rollover, programmable function keys, and media keys. The tenkeyless design excludes a number pad but includes arrow keys. Also, the Cherry MX switches ensure tactile responsiveness and consistent performance. The best noiseless keyboards also use genuine mechanical Cherry MX “Silent” Red switches for a good mix of fast performance & low noise.

5. Azio

With their unique retro typewriter design and genuine wood top plate. Their best typewriter keyboard is one of the most distinctive Bluetooth keyboards on the market. They come with clicky, tactile switches, and it features LED backlighting. The latest version also includes a beautifully-designed palm rest. Interchangeable “feet” let you adjust the angle and height to help you get the ideal typing position.

Along with Bluetooth, the Azio’s retro keyboards also allow for wired use via USB-C cable. It’s fully compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Plus, it comes with replaceable keycaps for the Windows and command keys. 

Bottom Line

To opt for the best typewriter keyboards on the market—we searched for mechanical keyboards with an appealing vintage, retro typewriter-inspired, or classic keyboard design. After taking into consideration function as well as its form. Of course, seeking for best-performance keyboards using proven mechanical switches and mechanical keys like Cherry MX brown or blues. Therefore, we have rounded up five of the best typewriter keyboards in 2023, along with their manufacturers. These keyboards can really help you if you are hunting for the best. Thanks for reading.

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