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What are The Top 5 Most Important Aspects of Event Planning?

by janeausten
What are The Top 5 Most Important Aspects of Event Planning?

Events may be an excellent marketing tool for your company if you plan and track them effectively. A successful corporate event planner in Toronto or catering in downtown Toronto Canada helps you and your clients gain results by boosting your profile and assisting you in reaching new customers. So, the following is our checklist for organizing and arranging an event:

1. Be aware of your goals.

You must be very clear about the results you hope to achieve from your event.

You must establish your objectives, whether you’re organizing a big conference or a small, intimate dinner. Ten new inquiries, a meeting with your top prospect, or a goal percentage of people taking advantage of your offer that day are a few examples. You may assess the success of your event by defining goals.

2. Create an event strategy.

It is worthwhile to create an event plan since the best events are meticulously planned down to the last detail. This should include a checklist of everything that has to be done, such as booking a venue, planning the catering, issuing name badges, distributing sales brochures, scheduling speakers and presentations, and setting the event’s running schedule. To ensure everything is taken care of, you may hire a virtual event planning, research, and management assistant to assist you with phone calls, event bookings, and event promotion.

3. Look for sponsorship or funding.

If your event is focused on a certain topic, it may be worthwhile to cooperate with another company or a sponsor to save costs. If you’re organizing an event with awards, consider finding sponsors for each prize, as is customary.

Doing so may keep your expenses low while adding some glitz to your event.

Establish a budget for your event that is connected to your objectives, whether or not you have money for it, so you can gauge your return on investment.

4. Publicize and interact.

You must market to current and potential clients, vendors, and contacts for events where you need a sizeable crowd. Make sure you have your plans in place before you do this since people want to know what they’re receiving, even for a free event, as events take time away from the workplace. You can promote your event using direct mail, email campaigns, social media, or by phone, and in this situation, having a virtual assistant on board is beneficial.

Most customers expect to be able to book online and pay using credit cards or PayPal, so make the booking procedure as simple as possible. Once a reservation has been made, follow up with a personalized email thanking the customer and providing any further information they may require, such as dietary allergies, timings, and directions. Keep in touch with guests in the run-up to the event to show them you appreciate them and stimulate their curiosity.

5. Control and monitor.

Never start an event assuming the task is finished. Participants must leave with the impression that they learned something valuable, gained useful information, and received something of value. Giving out aide-mémoires that they can take back to the office or making an unbeatable deal accessible that day are examples of how to do this. Or perhaps a link to a specific webpage with additional information that is only accessible to guests. Managing your event and the associated expectations can help to guarantee success.

After your event is over, you must follow up. Use the information you already have on everyone booked to call them personally a day or two after the event. Although you don’t have to sell actively, having a general conversation will help you learn what they liked best, what they learned, and how you might be of assistance. After that, schedule a meeting to move the process along. It’s also helpful to find a virtual assistant who can assist with this step because they can schedule the follow-up calls and appointments for you, making the event process seamless from beginning to end.

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