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Top 5 Reasons Why Early Learning Skills Can Change Your Child’s Future

by janeausten
Reasons Why Early Learning Skills Can Change Your Child’s Future

Importance of pre-schooling

Preschool Plays a crucial part in the growth of your child. Most children are between 3 to 4 years old when they enter preschool, and this is the time when most of the brain development and learning occurs. During the initial years of life, a child’s brain develops much faster and it is easier to catch new things and memorise them than to learn things in adulthood. Many researchers have proven that children who graduated from pre-schooling are smarter and get higher earnings. Apart from learning new things preschool is also a very important place to learn how to interact with other people. In short, it is a very valuable investment and is seen to be practised greatly for early childhood development in Dubai.

Importance of preschool

There are many different reasons and research that have shown the importance of preschool for early childhood development in Dubai as well as worldwide.

Nurturing a child’s creativity and curiosity

The brain of young children is full of imagination and these imaginations can be cultivated to help them in learning new skills and concepts and become more and more creative day by day. The environment in a preschool is designed in a way that favours the enhancement of your child’s creativity and inspires exploration.

Preschools never demand the correct response or correct action from your child. They help your child to solve the questions in his little mind, listen to the ideas of your child, and help him develop curiosity and creativity in a dynamic environment.

1. Social skills

A child is not aware of the environment outside his house and the people other than his family. At preschool, children usually spend many hours with other children and the teaching staff who are not their family members. In this way, they learn how to make friends, how to listen to them, how to interact with them, and how to develop conversation skills with strangers.

Nowadays, socialisation is a crucial part of our society, and it is vital to teach children to interact with people who are not their family preschool is the best place to learn initial social skills that can help them in the future. There was a time when this skill might have been naturally acquired, but with the changing times, consciously cultivating it is of great importance.

Usually, the first lesson taught at preschool is making friends and for making friends teachers at preschool teach children to share their belongings with others. Sharing is considered a very important aspect of social interaction. These skills also help children to socialise outside the school, they help them enhance their relationships with their siblings, their parents, cousins, etc.

2. Teaching them to be lifelong learners

Playing is the best way to teach young children new things. It is another important reason that preschool is considered very important in early childhood development in Dubai.

In the start, a child usually lacks interest in the academic setup and sometimes becomes disengaged from school. Preschool helps children to develop an interest in learning methods and to develop a good relationship with learning. They encourage young children to build the desire to study that will help throughout their educational journey.

3. Developing pre-literacy skills

At preschool, teachers use different types of activities for children. They learn rhymes to help them identify different sounds, they listen and read stories and play with different alphabetical letters and sing alphabetical songs. Children usually develop a sense of joy in learning. Hence, preschool plays a vital role in the early development of children in Dubai which results in good associations with reading.

5. Teaching children to take care of themselves

Children are also taught to be responsible in preschool. They are taught to keep their belongings properly, wash their hands before eating and return their toys after playing in proper places with the help of teachers.

6. Promoting language skills

Teachers at preschool help in the development of language skills by teaching new words and asking thought-provoking questions in between different activities. Children have an advantage in learning to speak because they have so many opportunities to explore different things, listen to different stories, and sing different songs.

Preschool also helps develop cognitive skills in children. Teachers carry out different activities that encourage children to solve problems, ask questions, and observe the world. These activities help children learn more and more every day.

In short, preschool is very important for a child’s early development, and a lack of early education can result in missed chances in school and even opportunities for a successful life ahead. Every second of a child’s life is spent learning something new, these years should be used in the best and most beneficial way possible.

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