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The Pros and Cons of Using Modern Technology in Education

by janeausten
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Getting urgent assignment help online is no more a hassle with the internet at its best. Technology at its peak is the primary reason the internet is such a reliable means of communication. From touch application-equipped mobiles to 5G data speed, we have it all, connecting students and professionals across the globe. Modern schools are at peace with technology-based online education and remote proctoring during entrance exams. So at peace are students, finding it easy to pursue their dreams from the comfort of their four walls.  

However, things visible to the regular eye have both positive and negative sides, i.e., pros and cons. In the points below, you will look at the same and then decide for yourself.

Education and Modern Technology – Pros

Here is a detailed list elaborating on all the pros:

  • Online learning is in trend: As discussed, smart gadgets and online courses are a thing to look out for. And we have the 4G and even 5G internet speed rolling out in most countries across the globe. So no longer can anyone complain that they cannot pursue their dream because the internet is not available.

Also, other than the regular academic courses, one can go for vocational and task job-specific courses. Even if someone wants to pursue nothing else but guitar, the internet has made that accessible as well.

  • Wide scope of subjects to choose from: Well, leaving aside the guitar part and moving back to academic studies, students do have a variety of subjects to choose from. And all those can be done from the comfort of their home.

Earlier, it was all about offline classes, and students had to travel from one hemisphere to the other. They had to take up the burden of academic expenses as well as other essentials needed for living. With technology at its best, those can be avoided, and learning has become easy.

  • Learning is fun and engaging: Although students do have access to online studies and courses alike. However, offline campus-based studies are still a thing. But technology has intervened, making the setup quite interesting to be.

Physical classrooms also come with whiteboards and VR-based courses. Thus, making it easy for the students to learn through an unconventional medium is also fun. Learning lessons and understanding concepts is no more a hassle, as we have technology backing up every little knick and knack.  

  • Self-paced education is now a thing: While offline classrooms do exist, students do get to submit their homework and other relevant essays online. And otherwise, the entire arrangement is based online. With so much happening over the internet, one can indulge in self-based learning.

That way, one can pause and resume the classes as needed or request to extend the submissions for a limited time. As an added help, besides live classes, institutes are also coming up with recorded sessions and in-module quizzes. The students can learn at their own pace and proceed with submissions as relevant.

  • Access to quality resources on an international level: Most importantly, students get to study at the college of their dreams without leaving the comfort of their homes. What more can a person ask for?

Also, they get 1:1 mentorship support over online video calls and a quick counselling guide when feeling lost with the career path. It gets easier when students get to do as per their own needs rather than submit to someone else’s wants.

  • Quick support with homework and assignments: Multiple professionals and assignment experts are available online to provide quick support. These professionals have the best of their experiences and can help you with the most complex academic needs.

Whether you are looking for an oxford referencing guide or simple proofreading support, these professionals are always ready to help. The most interesting of all is that these outputs are plagiarism-free, and authenticity certificates can be asked for.

Education and modern technology – Cons

Here is a detailed list elaborating on the cons:

  • Technology has affected human interaction: With the option to get educated online, students are less interested in taking the hard way. There are reported cases of institutes preferring to transition from offline courses to online ones.

This does hamper the way it used to be, with a teacher, real textbooks and students in their uniform. For all this time, offline classes inflicted a sense of being and belonging somewhere, which online classes fail to make. Students, part of an online curriculum, fail to interact in person and share thoughts by simply communicating 1:1.

  • Self-paced learning can lead to unnecessary delays: While self-paced learning is a great opportunity where the student gets to proceed with a subject on their own. On the other hand, they become subject to unnecessary procrastination and lose out on essential time.

This situation can get worse with no fellow learner being physically there to motivate and help solve problems as they occur. Also, students do need to wait for the student support executives to reach out to them and get the issues cleared as convenient.

  • People are becoming victims of online fraud: With so many options available online, there are rising chances for people to get conned by wrongdoers. This leads to the rise of online fraud when one is not paying enough attention.

The most astonishing thing is that if someone goes to claim their alimony, the process gets elongated for no reason, causing unnecessary hassles. When dealing with a fraud case across the border, it gets even more difficult with international laws and rules.

  • There have been reported cases of students using unscrupulous means in online exams: There are students who like to make it the easy way and indulge in unscrupulous activities, like cheating during online exams. This way, they cause much trouble for the invigilators, questioning the efficiency level of the authority in concern.

Also, there are instances of the learners trying to steal question papers from the official website by hacking the same. While most of the time, the management can combat certain discrepancies. However, it is unfortunate that students abide by such unscrupulous activities to make their way to the top.

  • Cases of cyberbullying are increasing: While students being crime makers are doing the rounds, there have been cases of them getting bullied as well. Cybercrime is a major threat to a child’s growth. Most of the time, students are unaware of the unhealthy situation they are driving themselves into.

While parents are always suggested never to leave their child unattended in front of the internet, cases are still rising. This is because the concept of the internet and other relevant technologies are new to the parents. They find it hard to combat situations when their child is under the influence of a third party. And the uncertainty goes on.

Tips for parents while introducing your child to technology

Now that we have already made it to this digital age, parents need to make their children learn about technology slowly and steadily. Here is how one can start making their move.  

  • Start early: Get your child involved with the technological part at an early stage while they are still infants. Normalise the situation without making them realise that the concept is something new. Try to understand their take on the same and then proceed.  
  • Focus on quality resources: It is best to focus on the type of technology you are introducing your child to. Take some time as a parent and measure the pros and cons of the technology you introduce them to. As this will have a direct effect on their future, and you will be the one responsible for situations as it arrives.
  • Set healthy boundaries: While your child is learning and getting accustomed to the technologies around, it is also necessary for them to remain close to mother nature. Set healthy boundaries having appropriate time limits for indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day. Make them realise the importance of time and how they will miss out on so much of their life if not used properly.
  • Be involved: Do not leave your child unattended after introducing them to new technology or in front of the computer screen. Be there for them always and make them learn over a step-by-step approach. Remember, the more involved you are, the better it gets for their future.
  • Follow an example-based learning pattern: Example-based learnings are always fruitful and efficient in the long run. Your child will be able to learn from your mistakes and not commit similar wrongdoings in their own life.

Final Thoughts

The characteristics of a child can be shaped and moulded up in any direction of choice you want. However, with technology, you need to be careful, as each day has something new to offer. The best results are always found through carefulness and flexibility.

Author Bio: Brad Lyson is a professor of BioScience living in London, the UK. Brad is known for writing journals and publishing notes in science magazines. Also, he has joined the urgent assignment help of MyAssignmenthelp.com as an editor to the subject matter experts.

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