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Can My Essay Have Images And Pictures – Guide

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Pictures make even the dullest things look captivating. While it is advisable to use charts and graphs in your essays, the question is whether or not you can use images in your essay. This article comprehensively answers the question after consultations with some of the best essay writing services the UK

What Is An Essay?

Essays are a form of written communication that is often used in academic settings to express ideas, arguments, and observations. They can take many forms, from research papers to personal reflections, and can be written in various styles and formats. 

Most commonly, an essay includes three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. An essay is formatted around this basic structure. You can always take help from online essay services to get help with your essays. 

Can My Essay Have Pictures?

One question that often arises when writing my essays is whether or not they can include pictures. The answer is yes; essays can have pictures. However, the choice of image matters a lot in an essay. 

When including pictures in an essay, it is essential to ensure they are relevant and add value to the essay. Additionally, it is important to provide proper credit for any images that are used. This can typically be done by including a caption or citation for the image.

What Pictures To Use In Your Essay?

You can incorporate pictures into an essay in a few different ways. 

Visual Aids

One way is to include them as visual aids, which can help to illustrate a point or provide an example. For instance, for a historical event essay, you can include a picture of an artifact or document related to the event. 

Form Of Evidence

Another way to include pictures in an essay is to use them as a form of evidence for a sentence. For example, when writing an argumentative essay, try to have a picture of a graph or chart that supports your argument.

How To Use Pictures In Your Essay?

While using an image in the essay, it is necessary to provide a direct reference. You can take the below-mentioned examples for reference. 

  • The style can be seen in Figure 1
  • (check the example in figure 1)

Always Use Captions 

Image captions are brief descriptions or explanations of the content of an image. They are typically placed near the image. You can place it either above or below the image.  

In an academic setting, image captions are often used to provide citation information for the image, such as the source and the copyright holder. This is important for ensuring that the use of the image complies with copyright laws and for giving credit to the original creator of the image.

An image should always have a caption. Only adding ‘figure 1’ does not explain the context of the image. You should write something like ‘figure 1: the difference between dissertation and essay’

Ensure that you have properly given a reference to the image. For this purpose, you can add a ‘taken from’ at the bottom of the caption. 


Essays can have pictures, and they can be a great way to add visual interest and enhance your argument. However, ensuring that the pictures are relevant and adequately credited is important.

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