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7 Advantages of Digital Lockers Over Traditional Lockers

by janeausten

Lockers are an easy way to store important documents, jewellery, and other items safely. As compared to traditional lockers, these days’ digital lockers are increasing in demand due to their all-round benefits.  Be it for a residential space or an office, an electronic safe locker offers the perfect safety solution for everyone. 

Top 7 Advantages Of Electronic Lockers

A digital locker offers the same services as 

a traditional locker but with added benefits. Here, the main difference is that unlike a physical key used in traditional lockers, a digital locker comes with a passcode that needs to be entered on the keypad for access. Here are the top 7 reasons to buy electronic lockers instead of traditional lockers. 

1. Ease of Use

You no longer have to worry about keeping a key safe or carrying it around with you. Accura’s electronic safe lockers ensure instant access to all your valuables by pressing a few buttons. 

 2. Tamper-proof

Thieves cannot use a fake key to access your safe thus enhancing security. 

3. Durable

One of the top reasons to buy electronic lockers is that they are far more durable than traditional lockers. Their wear and tear is minimal. Further, factors like rust and repeated keyhole usage could cause problems in traditional lockers, none of which is a valid concern for digital lockers. 

4. Multiple User Access

Traditional lockers required a single key to access the items making it difficult for multiple people to share a locker. In an electronic safe locker, one can easily share the passcode with their family members or business unit for easy access while maintaining security. 

5. Flexible

Digital lockers allow users to change their passcodes anytime to enhance security and boost peace of mind. 

6. Blocked Access

A traditional locker allows thieves to try numerous times to break into your safe. On the other hand, electronic lockers lockout a person after multiple failed attempts thus further boosting security. 

7. Resilient

Accura electronic lockers protect your valuables even in extreme weather conditions as they are rustproof and have a powder-coated body. 

Best Electronic Safety Lockers By Accura

A trusted name in digital lockers, Accura offers top-of-the-line electronic safe lockers to safely store all your valuables. These user-friendly machines are equipped with an electronic digital panel that can take 3-6 digits as a secret password to open and close the locker. Further, as an added safety precaution, customers also get a secret key for opening the locker in case of emergencies. 

The rustproof and powder-coated body of the electronic safe lockers ensures that the safe is durable and functional across all seasons. The top electronic lockers by Accura are:

Accura Electronic Safety Locker Iris 1929 N

Accura Electronic Safety Locker Iris 2544 N


Accura Electronic Safety Locker Iris 4545 N


Accura Electronic Safety Locker Iris 6145 N


When it comes to storing valuables safely, there is no better decision than to buy electronic lockers. A digital locker by Accura offers you all the benefits with superior technology and security. 

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