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What is the procedure for registering a trademark online?

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The trademark registration process is simple to do online. The first step is to identify a distinguishing mark and ensure that it has not previously been registered. Then you must complete an online trademark registration form and pay the costs, supply the relevant information to the office, satisfy filing criteria, and so on.

discover a distinct mark

You should find a distinctive mark for your trademark. You can use the name of your company or product as a trademark, but this is not recommended due to the possibility of confusion with other existing trademarks and/or brands in the market. A logo or symbol may also be used as a trademark, but it must be distinguishable from other similar logos or symbols used by other businesses to avoid trademark infringement disputes later on.

obtain a trademark form online

To file a trademark application, you must first register on the USPTO website. You will then be able to log in and finish your registration.

When they ask for your mark (word, phrase, or logo), make sure you have it ready since once you start filling out that information, you won’t be able to modify it. The following stages are self-explanatory: Fill out the online form with all necessary information, including the owner’s name(s), contact information, and postal address. Then, pay costs of $225 per class of goods or services linked with your mark using credit card or electronic payments transfer (one class per filing). If this is only going to apply to one type of product – say, clothing – it’s best not to include any extra categories like leather goods/apparel accessories unless there’s some reason why those things would apply specifically to what we’re making today (for example, if there’s some kind of manufacturing process).

Make An Application

After that, you may submit your application. After that, you must pay the filing cost, which is now $225 per class of goods or services. Depending on the type of mark you are using and the goods or services it is affiliated with, the USPTO may demand a certified copy of your trademark certificate from another nation, as well as additional supporting papers.

Once you have supplied all relevant information and fulfilled all procedures, our examining attorney will review your application to see if it fulfils filing criteria such as use in commerce or bona fide intention to use in commerce within six months of the filing date (if national). If this is not reached, our office may return your application without further action.

Pay The Charges

The following step is to pay the fees. They accept credit cards, cash, and checks. The fee is determined on the type of trademark for which you are seeking.

It is ideal to choose a trademark that is both original and memorable. A descriptive trademark should be avoided since it cannot differentiate your goods or service from others on the market. The criterion for evaluating if a mark is descriptive or not is whether it simply defines a component, quality, or feature of your goods/services. You should also be aware that the government charges a cost to register a trademark. The fee varies depending on the type of trademark applied for, but it is typically between $125 and $275 per class.

Send relevant information to the office

You must supply us with a description of the mark, a drawing of the mark, information about the goods or services linked with the mark, and your contact information in order to register your trademark.

fulfil filing requirements

If you’re contemplating of registering a trademark, you should know what to expect and how to prepare your application.

Before you begin the procedure, ensure that your attorney has all of the necessary information. This includes the following:

The name of your company or the product/service offering

The class(es) in which you want to register your mark (for example, apparel and accessories but not furniture) Any additional relevant information about the item for which registration is sought

The trademark registration process is simple to do online. It is not essential to retain the services of a trademark attorney for this reason. The first step in registering a trademark is to check the USPTO database for availability of the mark. You must establish if this name has already been registered as a trademark by someone else or whether it is accessible for use by you.

If there are no problems with your proposed mark and you want to proceed with its registration, you may file a trademark application immediately through the USPTO website (www.uspto.gov). You must pay a $275 filing fee and send a specimen with your application that displays how your trademark appears – printed on items or shown digitally on websites, for example…


The procedure to file for trademark with the USPTO online is fairly straightforward. Simply follow the instructions outlined above. However, before you commence this procedure, make sure that your concept or mark is not already registered by someone else in India since if it is already registered then you will have to submit an opposition against it before moving through with registration.

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