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What constitutes TEAS plus when applying for a trademark online?

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If you want to apply for trademark online, the TEAS plus option is an ideal choice. It’s inexpensive (at least in comparison to other possibilities) and takes very little time. In reality, once you’ve completed your information on the internet and submitted it for examination by the USPTO, your application will be reviewed within six months or less. Then, if everything checks up, they’ll issue you an official trademark certificate that formally acknowledges your ownership rights over that specific mark!

Electronic Trademark Application System (TEAS plus).

TEAS plus is the simplest and least expensive trademark application that you may file with the USPTO.

You carefully fill out the US trademark application , checking for errors and rectifying them promptly after submission with an email to the USTPO.

If you complete all of those processes, your trademark will become official!

One of the most often asked inquiries we receive from clients is, “What counts as TEAS plus in applying for a trademark online?” Many individuals are unsure if they should use TEAS plus or TEAS RF for their trademark application. The answer is yes, you can utilise TEAS RF to file electronically, and no, it doesn’t matter which one you use. So, what does that imply?

Plus TEAS:

The simplest way to think about it is that there are three sorts of applications: traditional paper filing, traditional electronic filing (TEAS), and accelerated electronic filing (TEAS Plus). The primary distinctions between these three types of applications are their cost, processing time, and the number of amendments/corrections that may be made after initial submission.

It entails meticulously completing out the trademark application.

Filing a trademark application online might be difficult, but if you follow these guidelines, you should have no trouble:

Fill out the fields completely. Make certain that you spell everything correctly and that you accurately answer all of the questions. If you don’t yet have an address for your company, you can leave that box blank for the time being. You will be permitted to fill in the address after receiving verification from a postal inspector that there is no conflict with another registered mark or pending application that might cause confusion with this one. Also, any photos should be at least 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels height (larger is better). It’s also worth noting that before submitting any material online, always check to see if it qualifies as TEAS plus in applying for trademark registration online!

When filing your trademark registration online, there are a few things to bear in mind. If you make a mistake, for example, simply amend it with a follow-up email to the USTPO, and they will make it official. You can also file by mail or online, whichever is more convenient for you. Furthermore, if your company is based in New York City or San Francisco, you may be eligible for discounted prices on certain of their services.

You may utilise your trademark to get ownership of the name, logo, or phrase that you wish to use on your products. You may also use it to defend your brand against competitors that use identical names, logos, or slogans on their own items. If someone else attempts to sell something under a name that is sufficiently similar to yours, you have legal remedies against them.

The filing cost is presently $225 per category of goods or services.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) imposes a filing fee for each class of goods or services registered. For example, if you want to register your trademark with the USPTO for both clothes and sports goods, you’ll have to spend $225 per class of goods or services: $150 for your single garment trademark application with one class and $75 for your single sporting good application with one class. The USPTO now takes credit card or cheque payments by mail; however, there are plans in the works to allow payments online using Google Pay in the future!

The USTPO is an excellent resource for your company, and they are always willing to assist. They provide a variety of services, which may be accessed on their website or by phoning them directly at (571) 272-1000.

TEAS plus is an effective online application filing system.

The procedure of applying a trademark online with TEAS plus takes around 10 minutes and costs about $275. This makes it the most affordable and straightforward trademark application you can file with the USPTO.

Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to start filing your own trademark application utilising TEAS plus:

Before beginning your application, carefully read all instructions. Completely fill out all areas on the form so that no more explanation or clarification is required.

If you make a mistake, simply rectify it in a subsequent email to the USTPO.


If you want to apply for trademark online, the TEAS plus is a great option. It is the most affordable and straightforward trademark application that you may file with the USPTO. It entails properly filling out the trademark application, but if you make a mistake, they will make it official. The filing cost is presently $225 per category of goods or services.

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