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What are the Different Types of Military Helmets

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Military officials use a lot of safety equipment that helps them to get maximum protection on the ground. Apart from military bulletproof vest, and military bulletproof vest with plates, helmets play a significant role in safety purposes.

Military helmets are vital for most combat and tactical situations as they need protection to the head when bullets are whizzing by. These helmets are available in various designs, sales, and configurations that suit every environment.

Military helmets were invented in the 20th century. Soldiers from every country wear these helmets to get the utmost protection. This post will discuss the different types of military helmets that one should know about while getting a military helmet for sale.

PASGT Helmets

PASGT or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops helmets were first released in the early 1980s, and it is getting used till the present. These helmets are made of Kevlar fibers.

Some people also refer to these helmets as Kevlar helmets, K-pots, or journalist helmets. The outer shell of these helmets has 19 layers that provide Level IIIA protection against projectiles. The weight of these helmets ranges from three to four pounds.

MICH Helmets

MICH stands for Modular Integrated Communications Helmet. This ballistic helmet was invented to improve the PASGT helmet in terms of weight and modularity. These helmets are much more tech ready.

The side rails across the MICH helmets allow easy mounting of accessories like communications equipment and an NVG shroud. These helmets don’t have a brow lip. The sides are higher than the PASGT helmets.

These helmets ensure superior situational awareness and vision. The MICH helmet is made of a more advanced form of Kevlar that ensure better protection against handgun rounds.

ECH Helmets

Enhanced combat helmets are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene or thermoplastic. These helmets look pretty similar to ACH helmets.

However, ECH helmets offer 35% more ballistic and fragmentation protection than ACH helmets. The tactical cut of these helmets provides less coverage but ensures better visibility.

ACH Helmets

Advanced combat helmets are also a popular type of military helmet. ACH and ECH helmets look almost identical. But the ACH helmets have a slightly larger area for a helmet. Thus it ensures maximum protection.

However, in terms of vision, it is a bit diminishing compared to the MICH helmets. And in terms of ballistic penetration, these helmets are ahead of the MICH helmets.

FAST Helmets

Future Assault Shell Technology helmet is different from other helmets. These helmets come with a much higher and broader ear cut. Hence, it is also known as High Cut or Above The Ear helmets.

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