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When you want to redecorate your house but cannot afford a full-blown renovation, don’t lose heart. There are several small home improvement projects with big payoffs that you can still do. Repainting the major areas of your house is one such project. Never underestimate the impact that the right, freshly applied color can have on a room. Sometimes, you don’t even have to paint the entire room. Accent walls, which are painted a different color than the other walls in the same room, are a popular affordable plantation shutters decorating trend.

Changing your window treatment is another example of a small home renovation project that can easily transform an ordinary room into a great space. There are a number of different window treatment options in the market today. For durability, versatility, and long-term cost-effectiveness, consider installing plantation shutters in your house. If you are not ready to replace all your window treatments, you can install them in the major areas of your home such as the living room, the kitchen, and the dining area. When you see the impact custom-made plantation shutters will have in these areas of your house, you will want to have them installed everywhere as soon as possible.

The Advantages of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are more durable than ordinary blinds or curtains. They are easy to maintain and moisture-resistant, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also UV-resistant which means they won’t fade even with constant sun exposure. You have complete control over the amount of light and air that gets in (or stays out) of the room. This aids greatly in regulating room temperature which means considerable savings in your heating and cooling bills.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you have complete control of your privacy. With plantation shutters, you can turn your house into a haven from the slings and arrows of the outside world with the simple flick of the tilt rod that controls the louvers.

Plantation shutters are designed to complement and enhance different room décor in subtle but effective ways. With the right plantation shutters in place, a room can go from ‘ho-hum’ to ‘wow’ in a heartbeat.

Changing your window treatment is a small renovation project that can have a significant and lasting impact not only in your enjoyment of your home, but also in preserving and even increasing the value of your property. Now that’s a big payoff!

What To Know When Buying Custom Plantation Shutter

If you want a classy, stylish way to keep light and heat out of your house, but don’t want the hassle of cleaning curtains, then custom plantation shutters are exactly what you need. Plantation shutters are composed of a series of wooden slats (called louvers) spaced evenly apart, a wooden frame, and thin strip of wood on the inside (called a tilt rod), used to open and close the shutters at the same time. They can be a very nice addition to an already rustic and homey establishment, or can be the first step on your way toward sprucing the house up. However, there are several things to consider when purchasing such shutters.

First, the absolute golden rule for custom plantation shutters is: quality is king. Don’t bother shelling out a lot of money on something that will fall apart in a few years. Plus, as there is a considerable amount of workmanship that goes into them, you want to make sure that the company you choose is of the highest standard, to ensure that you’re getting the best product. Simply put, try to get the best shutters from the best company that you can afford.

Plantation shutters

This segues into the next point. Custom plantation shutters can be very expensive. For a single 3 ft. by 5 ft. window, the price of designing, constructing, and installing plantation shutters can range between $300 and $600, or more, depending on the company. It is important to know how many windows you plan to shutter, what kind of shuttering you want, and the dimensions of the windows in question beforehand, so that you can tell if you’re within your budget.

Another very important factor regarding these shutters is that each one is unique (hence the term “custom”). Literally, no two shutters are the same. bespoke window shutters Each individual custom plantation shutter assembly is tailor-designed for a particular window in a particular house. Even within the same house, the window frames can have slightly different measurements, so it is important to have the shutter company come in and measure each window precisely. And any company that doesn’t do this is not one you want to be buying from.

Other things that are marks of quality for shutter companies (and shutters) lie in the fine details. First, they need to be made with solid hardwood. Mahogany is the top of the line material, but oak, maple, and Alder are good choices as well. Basswood and Poplar are both widely popular, as is Vinyl, but these are not some of the more high-quality options; the joining for these options can be shoddy and the wood itself has a tendency to scratch. Another thing to watch out for is how they make the frame. Be sure they use more than just screws or wood glue. The best ones use wooden dowels pressed into the frame, using the wood’s natural strength to keep the assembly together. Look for a shutter that maintains easy tension no matter what setting, and be sure that they stay open when wanted; older and inferior-quality shutters can close just by the pull of gravity. Finally, and most importantly, pick the shutters that look best for your home; trust what the company says, but don’t be afraid to take what they say with a grain of salt.

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