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How to Get Rid of Blue Balls? Blue Balls Treatment Explained

by janeausten
Blue Ball Treatment

Blue balls may sound confusing but it is a real condition. It happens due to prolonged arousal when your testicles turn blue, hence the name. What is the phenomenon? Do we have blue ball treatment? Let us find out.

Blue balls – Why does that happen?

Blue balls is a slang term for epididymal hypertension. It is a less-researched field and lacks scientific evidence and studies. That occurs when a male is sexually aroused for an extended period of time without ejaculation or orgasm. This also produces some discomfort and suffering and is referred to as blue balls.

During an erection, the blood vessels expand and direct the blood flow to the penis. The blood that is already present is also retained to help with a firm erection. It usually goes back to a normal state when ejaculation occurs. But if there is too much time when one is sexually aroused, the retained blood may cause some discomfort and present itself with a faint blue hue. The condition is not dangerous and is manageable.

The symptoms of blue balls include:


Heaviness in or both testicles

Pain that could extend from your genitalia to the lower abdomen

The condition is due to increased blood pressure in the scrotum, and you would not hear the term ‘blue balls’ in a medical setting. If you have an ed problem and take pills or use penis restriction rings, it could also cause blue balls.

Blue balls – How to get rid of them?

Blue ball is a painful condition, and you would need to ejaculate to turn things back to normal. Some men use it as an excuse to have sex or pressure their partner into being intimate, which is not required. You can even masturbate to get things running and get the retained blood back in its place.

Blue balls treatment is simple and you can follow these techniques to encounter the condition:

Distract yourself by focusing on work or anything unrelated to sexual activity

A cold shower may come in handy and work against sexual arousal. A cold compress to the testicles can be equally effective.

Exercise, including heavy weight lifting, is known to direct the blood to organs other than the genitalia and serves the purpose.

Lie down to change the direction of blood flow while trying to distract your mind.

Pain-relieving medicines can help you against discomfort and pain in the testes.

You should also focus on getting erectile dysfunction treatment if that is causing the problem in the first place. Otherwise, it is not an emergency situation and can be handled on its own.

There are other conditions that could mimic the symptoms, and you should be wary of these:

Kidney Stones

They could also cause pain in the genitalia and lower abdomen. The pain could also be accompanied by a burning sensation while urinating, blood in urine, nausea, and vomiting.

Testicular Torsion

Here, a cord that holds testicles gets twisted and causes extreme pain. You may also witness one testicle getting bigger than another and a darker blue or red color, along with nausea or vomiting. It is an emergency situation and needs immediate surgical intervention.


An injury to the groin area might cause bruising and a bluish tint, along with pain and swelling.


This is a condition where the tube behind the testicles known as epididymis, is swollen. It causes pain and swelling in the scrotal area and might even cause fever. It usually occurs due to a sexually transmitted infection or urinary tract infection.


It is a condition where veins become enlarged in the testicles and cause discomfort.


Mumps is usually seen in children and could be mistaken for blue balls if it happens in adults. It is characterized by pain and swelling in the groin area along with fever, headache, and tiredness.

Diabetic Neuropathy

It is a nerve injury seen in diabetics that could cause pain and numbness in the area.

Tight Pants

Extremely tight-fitting bottom wear might cause discomfort. Staying in loose and comfortable clothing may ease the symptoms.

Blue balls treatment does not require medical attention and usually goes off the time you ejaculate or deal with sexual arousal. The discomfort and discoloration also improve and should not concern you.

Bottom Line

Blue balls is a slang term used by the younger generation without realizing it is an actual medical condition. The bluish tinge of testicles during a delayed session of sexual activity is nothing to worry about. You can deal with the condition at home with the methods described above.

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