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How to Choose the Best Bulletproof Vest

by janeausten

Police and law enforcement officers are heroes who sacrifice their lives daily. They work in a collective effort to ensure maximum protection for the citizens.

So, a career in law enforcement is not easy at all. Precisely the profession of police is filled with rigorous physical activities. To deal with various emergencies, they need to use multiple pieces of equipment.

Night vision goggles Canada and plate carrier Canada are essential equipment for police officers, spies, and law enforcement officers. Officers in police departments must be fitted with standard equipment to protect themselves and citizens against any danger they may encounter. However, this post will mainly discuss bulletproof vests and how to choose the best one.

Tips to Choose the Best Bulletproof Vests

If someone wants to invest in a bulletproof vest Canada, it is crucial to know the various styles and materials that provide individual benefits. Every bulletproof vest offers multiple levels of protection, affordability, and mobility. It is crucial to consider the different aspects, as when someone is investing in a bulletproof vest, one is investing in personal safety.

Buying the proper body armor requires checking a box and placing the order. Vests don’t come in one size that fits all. Many people need custom fighting also. Also, it is crucial to determine the differences between various armor options and threat ratings.

Measure for Correct Fit

A bulletproof vest that doesn’t fit properly may feel uncomfortable and won’t provide enough coverage. Body armor should protect on the sides. If the vest is not sized correctly, it can’t offer side coverage.

To get accurate measurements, it is crucial to have someone else who will take the measurements with a soft measuring tape. Self measurement can be wrong most of the time.

One needs to take both standing and sitting measurements to ensure the vests will fit comfortably whether the person is sitting in a cruiser or on foot. It is recommended to take an average of these two measurements. Thus, when the user sits down, the vest won’t hurt in the throat and offers enough coverage while standing.

Match the Armor to the Mission

While deciding which armor to buy, one needs to determine what threats one can anticipate. Hence, the user has to understand the difference between soft, semi-rigid, and hard armor.

Soft armors are flexible that are made to wrap around the wearer and stop handgun rounds. AS officers mostly get shot with handguns, these armor are considered the best.

Semi-rigid plates offer protection from rifle rounds and absorb blunt force trauma. These bulletproof vests are pretty lightweight.

Hard armor plates are made of ceramic or metal. These can withstand multiple shots from a high-powered rifle. These vests are much heavier and less comfortable. Usually, officers mostly go with soft, handgun-rated vests for daily use.

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