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Can you wear sunglasses in Ihram?

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The Arabic verb Harama, which means “to be forbidden,” is the root of Ihram. Before starting the pilgrimage journey, a person must enter the state of Ihram. You can demonstrate this state of purity by wearing unique white clothing. A person in this state is a Muhrim, which means “one who has made things banned upon himself”. So, during the sacred state, many things become forbidden for pilgrims, such as hunting and covering their faces.

In this context, have a look at the article, “Can you wear sunglasses in Ihram?” The whole description will help you a lot by reading from beginning to conclusion.

During Hajj and Umrah, one can wear sunglasses in Ihram. Pilgrims can wear sunglasses in Makkah to protect their eyes from the brightness of the sunshine.

Is it permissible to wear glasses in Ihram?

In general, Ihram has many rules, one must have to follow them to enter. An expiation for violations is compulsory.

A person uses glasses because wearing it can be necessary for one’s eyes. As a result, wearing glasses will be acceptable, and there won’t be any violations.

Wearing sunglasses in the state of Ihram

Organizing the respected pilgrimage may be straightforward and more reasonable due to the availability of Umrah packages 2023. However, it’s allowed to wear sunglasses or medical glasses in the Ihram. It is not one of the items that are forbidden. As, wearing form-fitting clothing, such as a jacket, pants, or gloves, is prohibited. However, wearing sunglasses, watches, and similar items is not prohibited actions.

Is it allowed to wear a wristwatch in Ihram?

According to Islamic Sharia, it is allowed to wear a wristwatch in Ihram. It is dependent on a pilgrim’s will and what he wishes. There is no sin if you wear a wristwatch.

Can a pilgrim wear a ring in the state of Ihram?

Muslims are allowed to wear rings while they are in the state of Ihram. It’s not for male pilgrims, but for ladies. However, Islam applies some conditions to women.

Islam forbids women from using jewellery or cosmetics, whether during Ihram or normal circumstances, to attract the attention of men. This is not allowed in Islam. However, if the purpose is unrelated to these things and the surrounding circumstances permit it. Then, women may wear a ring while in the sacred state.

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Permissible actions of Ihram

The permissible actions are as follows:

  • Wearing a ring
  • Using a wristwatch
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Applying Miswak
  • Using a blanket while sleeping

Disliked actions of Ihram

The following actions are considered dislike, but don’t have any penalty:

  • Combing the hair
  • Using toothpaste to cleanse the teeth
  • Washing the body with non-scented soap
  • Rubbing the body to remove dirt
  • Smoking

Forbidden actions of Ihram

Pilgrims cannot do these actions in Ihram. These are as follows:

  • Covering the head
  • Covering the face
  • Hunting
  • Clipping the nails
  • Killing lice or locusts


To sum up, Ihram is one of the most important rituals of Hajj and Umrah. Without wearing Ihram clothing, pilgrims cannot perform the pilgrimages. Once you have purchased your Umrah or Hajj packages through an authorized legal agency. You should be familiar with the fundamental guidelines for the pilgrimage.

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