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Best Gears for Riot Control Agents

by janeausten

When rioters take to the streets, it’s important that front-line officers must have the head-to-toe protection they need. Apprehending those who create violence is a significant part of restoring law and order. The job of riot control agents is quite dangerous.

Law enforcement tactics have changed drastically in the last decade. Officers have adapted more effective strategies while countering threats to reduce the risk of injuries and ensure better crowd control.

In such situations, Army Combat Uniform and gears play a significant role in keeping the public safe from disruptive individuals. Every officer must be equipped to handle unexpected events that can pose a severe danger in correctional facilities and on the streets.

Training with these types of riot gear also changed drastically since the 20th century when they were introduced for the first time. Now let’s have a look at the best riot gear for riot control agents.

Riot Suits

These suits are specially designed to cover and protect the torso. Riot suites are made of flexible materials that fit every officer. These suits protect against a vast number of threats.

Mobility is a significant factor in the day-to-day operations of riot control officers. With the need for hydration, advanced technology, and mobility, law enforcement has seen the necessity of next-generation riot suits. These suits keep them safe at all times.

State-of-the-art riot suits are stab-resistant and fire-resistant. These suits also resist blunt force trauma and allow officers to bypass crowds to handle dangerous situations safely. Officers can integrate body cameras with these suits, which will assist in future legal proceedings.

Riot Helmet

Riot helmets are designed to meet various threats, from rocks, bottles and bricks. Riot officials can use ballistic riot helmet also to get protection against gunshots on the head. Also, there is a riot helmet with a face shield that comes with top, side, and back head coverage.

These helmets keep the officers safe from harm on all sides. Transparent face shields don’t block visibility. Then create a barrier between the officer’s face and potential objects that may harm their face or head.

Riot Gloves

Riot gloves protect the officer’s hand from blows and debris. Usually, riot control agents use kevlar gloves canada. These gloves are made of breathable materials with adjustable velcro wrists and reinforced palms.

To deal with any riot condition, these gloves are essential to have for riot control officers. There are different types of gloves according to the needs of the officers ranging from padded Kevlar to hard knuckle gloves to plain leather gloves.

Riot Shield

Riot shields offer lightweight protection and a physical barrier that protects against a wide range of dangers. These shields come in round or rectangular shapes and feature a flat bowed face.

Riot shields come with a strapping system that connects the shield to the arm. Besides blocking attacks, these shields can be used to push a person back and restrict movement. Also, it is used as a bridge from one weapon to another.

Riot Baton

Riot batons are a great weapon to deal with tough crowd control situations. These weapons are constructed of strong polycarbonate or wood. These batons are available in various sizes. Officers use batons to jab, strike, and block the crowd.

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