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6 Ways to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for Your Business

by janeausten
WhatsApp Chatbot

In the highly competitive world, businesses can only sustain and create competitive differentiation if they provide exceptional customer service and experience. With a WhatsApp chatbot, companies can reach a wider audience due to a more extensive customer base.

The chatbot functions on the WhatsApp application to answer customer queries, complete sales, lead generation, collect user feedback and a lot more to deliver a human-like experience.

WhatsApp chatbot integration further helps businesses with more qualified leads, round-the-clock customer support and much more. The article highlights the top 6 use cases of a  WhatsApp chatbot for businesses. 

The Advantage of WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

Brands can quickly communicate with customers in real-time due to WhatsApp chatbot integration, which improves company accessibility. It increases and encourages customer interaction on a variety of levels. Customers can receive 24/7 immediate assistance on their favourite medium here, which increases customer satisfaction

Additionally, it gives clients a personalised experience by making them feel acknowledged and appreciated. Finally, it aids in lead generation by giving you reliable, helpful information when contacting leads.

The Use Cases Of a WhatsApp Chatbot

It would be surprising to find a business today that does rely on a WhatsApp chatbot integration. Let’s look at the use cases of a WhatsApp chatbot:

Landing Channel

Businesses widely use WhatsApp chatbot as a perfect landing channel where customers can ask their queries and get personalised support. It eliminates hiring multiple customer support representatives since the chatbot handles it all.

Lead Qualification

The WhatsApp chatbot ensures easy lead qualification since it automatically collects the most crucial user attributes for lead nurturing. It contains valuable user information based on their characteristics, including email address, interest, age, gender, location etc.

Product Recommendation 

A WhatsApp chatbot is an excellent option for leveraging the opportunity of recommending similar products that the customer is already using. The chatbot strategically combines previously collected data and new product demand and presents it to the customer through interactive images and videos. 

Feedback Loop 

Collecting feedback from customers is a difficult task for businesses if they are doing it manually. With a chatbot, companies can ensure that the chatbot approaches the customers from time to time with its two-way conversation feature. Also, its built-in camera feature provides an ease to the customer for clicking pictures of the product and sending them right there. Businesses can use this feedback on their social media pages to capture a broad audience.

Automating Queries

Sometimes, a human agent might fail to answer some of the most critical queries of the customer. By integrating a WhatsApp chatbot into operations, businesses can enable automated customer support with complete consistency and accuracy. Moreover, it can even assist customers with personalised responses during non-working hours.

Post-Sale Support

With conversational AI, customers can get round-the-clock support even after their buying journey regarding product usage. A chatbot can assist them with all the queries regarding the product with no wait time with its multi-agent CRM. This boosts the trust and credibility of the business, and the customer will return to the company or recommend it to others.

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A WhatsApp integration manages a significant portion of customer engagement that a business is expected to make. Apart from providing personalised experiences and round-the-clock support to the customers, it can even reduce the pressure on the customer support representatives. Businesses keep customer support representatives only for those requiring a one-on-one conversation with the customer. 

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