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What are the factors affecting a child’s mental health?

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Do you understand how important your child’s mental health is to their overall well-being? Mental health scares often go undiscovered. You always get panicky to see your child with physical health problems, but have you ever noticed their anger outbursts and solitary behavior? Not. However, being in good physical and mental health go hand in hand.  

Young children receive emotional experiencing and traumatic situations that differ from adults. A pediatric psychiatrist in Guntersville tells you how children perceive traumatic events and guides you on how they can affect a child’s mental and physical health. 

How can you identify children with poor mental health?

Mental health affects children’s cognitive development, which determines their capacity for thought and understanding. Psychologists estimate that about 30% of young children have poor mental health. 

Regretfully, the majority of these cases are unreported. Call it a lack of awareness and fear of rejection, but parents usually ignore this. It raises the question of how to spot mental health problems in kids. Here are some signs to look out for:

♦ Constant and severe mood fluctuations

♦ Uncontrollable behavior changes

♦ Frequent fights with siblings, friends, and family members

♦ Intense worry and fear

♦ Focus and concentration issues

♦ Loss of interest in Favorite activities

♦ An abrupt decline in academic performance

♦ Sudden loss of weight and appetite

♦ Constant headache and body pain

♦ A tendency to harm oneself

♦ Suicidal ideas

♦ Feeling isolated and alone

♦ Feeling tired and lazy

♦ Sleep disorders

♦ Developing nervous habits like thumb-sucking, biting nails, and hair-pulling.

How can a parent’s behavior affect a child’s mental health?

Do you rebuke your child for minor mistakes? No doubt, parenting is a challenging full-time job. Children are born with unique temperaments, and their responsibility is to give them a window of outside the world that prepares them for complete independence.

Most parents find it unbearable to consider their children making mistakes. They view those mistakes as their parenting failures. Moreover, parenting shouldn’t be handled with a strict sense of perfection.

Parents should give space to their kids and let them choose what they want. Let us talk about parenting factors affecting your child’s mental health.

  • Assertive
  • Neglectful
  • Easy-going
  • Authoritarian

What are the factors affecting mental health and well-being?

Mental health is essential for a child’s life, yet it fails to notice. All of us need to be aware of these factors to provide support for children who’re struggling. 

Some of the factors that significantly impact on child’s mental health.

Family history of mental illness

A child is more like to develop a mental illness. It is because of both genetic and environmental factors. 

Trauma exposure

Traumatic events such as abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, or losing a loved one can be problematic for children’s mental health.

Medical conditions

An Imbalance of brain chemicals that control mood and behavior can lead to mental health issues.

Life stressors

Sometimes mental health problems are aggravated by poverty, bullying, or divorce. 

Parenting approach

How parents connect with their children can significantly impact their mental health. If the parents are highly critical and bossy, their children are more inclined to mental health problems.

Physically unwell

Diseases, injuries, and other physical health problems frequently influence poor mental health and rare mental illness. Moreover, poor physical health can affect low self-esteem and develop a reluctance to meet their goals.

 Get professional help and expert tips to spot early childhood mental issues.

Early diagnosis and negotiation are essential for children’s mental health. If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, schedule your appointment with a psychiatry doctor in Guntersville that conducts a physical exam to disregard any medical condition that is causing symptoms of abnormal behavior in your child. Reach out for professional help now!

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