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How Much Does Volkswagen servicing Maintenance Cost in Dubai?

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A new Volkswagen servicing is a significant investment however, between routine maintenance, unexpected breakdowns and the possibility of collision damage, the price of ownership is way beyond the cost of an automobile. 

What is the average amount Volkswagen servicing cost each year?

It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of repairs However, in this piece we’ll look at all the elements that go to Volkswagen maintenance costs, and provide a rough estimation of the amount you’ll need to shell out to keep your car running at its peak, Volkswagen servicing.

We’ll discuss the most common repairs and their prices as well as how you can improve your Volkswagen maintenance less expensive by purchasing one of the most comprehensive extended warranties available that are available. In some instances extended coverage can pay itself back, since the cost of maintenance exceeds the cost of the warranty.

To begin comparing quotes contact our top-rated warranty companies below.

Is Volkswagen a Reliable Car Brand?

In general the reliability of Volkswagen is average in comparison to other automakers. They’re certainly not the most reliable vehicles in the market but you shouldn’t have to fret about them failing completely out from the blue also.

The more solid your VW vehicle is the less likely you will be to have repair or maintenance expenses that can cause financial hardship. To gauge the reliability of your vehicle We use repair information along with reliability rating from RepairPal which calculates the typical costs of servicing a vehicle from reports submitted by drivers.

RepairPal rate Volkswagen 3.5 from 5.0 five stars in reliability, placing 12th of the 32 car brands that were tested. The main factors that affect this rating include the annual average Volkswagen maintenance costs, including scheduled and unscheduled repairs for cars, the frequency of visits to the repair shop and the possibility that repairs will be costly.

The typical annual Volkswagen maintenance costs are just $24 more than the average , however the probability of having to deal with major repairs is a little less than the average.

What’s the average Volkswagen Repair Cost?

According to RepairPal according to RepairPal, the average Volkswagen maintenance cost is $676 annually that’s just a bit more than the industry average of $652.

This estimate of Volkswagen maintenance cost covers the cost of oil changes, tire rotations and repairs to wear-and-tear parts like engine filters as well as windshield wipers. Also, it includes the cost of unexpected car repairs that are guaranteed to occur over the course of your car’s lifespan.

Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance Program:

in 2020 Volkswagen launched a fresh warranty programthat shortened the coverage of its factory by 6 years/72,000 mile down to 4 years/56,000 miles, and launching the Carefree Maintenance Plan.

All 2020 and more recent Volkswagens are sold at a reduced price with a Maintenance Plan Carefree which covers the first two scheduled maintenance visits (at 10, 000 and 20, 000 miles).

If your car is model year of 2019 or later then you’re not qualified to participate in Carefree Maintenance Plan. Carefree Maintenance Plan. However, you can buy any of the Volkswagen’s prepay maintenance plans. With these plans, you’ll get extra protection in case you own a vehicle in 2020 that has reached with 20,000 miles, Volkswagen servicing.

Extended Warranties on Cars and Volkswagen Maintenance Costs:

If you’re driving either a Tiguan or Passat in calculating the annual Volkswagen maintenance costs you’ll have to include routine maintenance as well as potential mechanical repairs. The recommended scheduled maintenance, such as oil rotations and oil changes can be budgeted easily however what are the cost for unexpected malfunctions?

To get a better idea of how much the cost of a breakdown can cost you to fix it, look over the most common Volkswagen repair estimates and cost, according to RepairPal:

As you will see, an extended warranty can help you make Volkswagen maintenance costs lower each year, especially if the repairs exceed the warranty.

Our Top Recommendations to extend Warranties:

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the annual Volkswagen maintenance cost and save money, an extended auto warranty is a smart option. Based on the plan you pick as well as how reliable the car is, many warranties will end in a cost that is recouped.

If you’re looking to purchase an extended car warranty, it’s essential to select a reliable company that has a variety of plans and additional advantages to ensure you’re getting value for money. Based on our team’s research study of every major auto warranty company available we suggest checking out Endurance and CarShield to lower the cost of Volkswagen maintenance expenses.


We consider Endurance as the most reliable extended warranty service available due to its coverage limits that are high and a wide range of benefits, such as roadside assistance that is free. Endurance provides six levels of protection for your vehicle:


The highest level of coverage for a stated component.

Secure Plus Increased powertrain coverage

Safe Affordable powertrain coverage

Choose Premier Insurance designed for high-mileage vehicles


Check out our complete Endurance warranty review to learn more and click on the links below to receive a an instant, free estimate on the Volkswagen model.

Car Shield:

If you’re concerned about the high Volkswagen maintenance expenses An extended warranty offered by Car Shield might be your best option. After conducting our own research we found that Car Shield provided the most comprehensive extended warranty for car owners who are on a tight budget. Plans for coverage are one of the most affordable and comprehensive available.

Car Shield provides five levels of insurance for cars . It is also one of the only reliable extended car warranty companies that offer coverage for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles too. The five plans of insurance for automobiles are listed below:

* Diamond: Bumper to bumper coverage, which is best for brand-new automobiles.

* Platinum: Complete protection for high-mileage cars and used vehicles

* Gold: Improved powertrain coverage

* Silver: Powertrain coverage that is affordable.

* Aluminum: Coverage that is specific for high-tech systems

Learn more about the company in our comprehensive CarShield evaluation, and request a free CarShield estimate for your Volkswagen vehicle by using one of the links below.


Our review team is proud on sharing truthful and impartial details with customers. We’ve gathered information from numerous extended warranty companies to create our ranking of the top providers in the market. They are awarded a score of 5.0 overall in addition to scores for every one of these categories.


Comparing services is not easy due to the variety of aspects that affect price. To establish this score, we perform an analysis of the secret shopper with different types of vehicles as well as mileages, warranty plans and even locations.

The coverage: A large array of coverages is necessary to meet the different needs of clients. We look at the amount of extended vehicle warranty plans, terms limits, exclusions and other benefits.

Customer Service:

The quality of customer service and support that an extended warranty provider is an important aspect to take into consideration. Our review team analyzes the reviews and complaints of customers from trusted sources like The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. We also assess the speed of response of each company’s customer service department using our shopper-specific analysis.


The best extended warranty providers always provide high-quality services. Our team will take into consideration BBB ratings as well as the history of reliability of the company’s service when determining this rating.


Customers appreciate an transparent and honest communication regarding contracting for service on vehicles. Our expert team considers the possibility of money-back guarantee and samples of contracts. visit us

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