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Types of Ayurvedic Massages & Their Magical Health Benefits!

by janeausten

Are you looking to book an Ayurveda consultation in Sydney to get a relaxing massage? But, are you aware of the different kinds of ayurvedic massages available? If not, this blog can help you learn about various ayurvedic massages and their incredible health benefits.

Ayurveda and ayurvedic massages have always been bliss to mankind ever since their emergence about 5000 years ago. They are widely known to cure a lot of ailments, both acute and severe. So, if you are all set to undertake an ayurvedic massage in Sydney, here are a few things that you should definitely know.


Want to know what an ayurvedic massage exactly is? Well, an ayurvedic massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating therapy involving massaging a specific body part with warm essential oils. This holistic treatment approach has proved to cure a number of illnesses and also rejuvenate the body as a whole.

Interestingly, ayurvedic massages are one of the most popular medical treatment methods, known for improving blood circulation, strengthening the lymphatic system, relieving stress, and rejuvenating the body.

So, if you are looking for an effective way to ease out your entire day’s physical and mental fatigue or stress, consider undertaking an ayurvedic massage. However, with varied massage options and healthcare centers available, choosing a trusted ayurvedic consultant can be intimidating. To get the best results from ayurvedic massages, ensure to book a reliable Ayurveda consultation in Sydney.  

Types of Ayurvedic Massages With Benefits

Here’s a list of ayurvedic massages that can help you relieve your body from pain and discomfort:


Although all ayurvedic massages deliver magical results in relieving pain and stress, there’s something unique about Abhyangam massage. It is one of the best ayurvedic massages that combine pressure, vibration, diverse motions, and herbs or medicine-infused warm oils to massage the patient’s body.

This ayurvedic massage treatment procedure involves massaging the patient’s entire body with warm essential oil. However, the oil used for massaging the body is selected, keeping the medical condition of the patient in mind.

The best thing about Abhyangam ayurvedic massage is that it assists the body in releasing toxins and increasing blood circulation. It works wonders for patients willing to strengthen their joints, muscles, and bones. If you are also looking for the same, consider undertaking an ayurvedic massage in Sydney!


This is a simple and oil-free ayurvedic massage treatment method that rejuvenates the whole body. Basically, it’s a massage procedure in which an ayurvedic practitioner uses raw silk gloves to stimulate the lymphatic system of the patient.

The primary aim of this holistic massage therapy is to eliminate toxins from the body by applying light pressure and vigorous motions on certain pressure points. Surprisingly, the vigorous motions actually break down the fat cells, helping the body release toxins.

The key benefit of undertaking this massage treatment is that it exfoliates the dead cells on the surface level, making the skin appear clean and radiant. Moreover, since it’s a dry massage, it helps the pores to open up for better absorption of herbal oils. To get the best results, consider undertaking Abhyangam immediately after this massage therapy!


If you are a sufferer of high cholesterol, obesity, and uneven skin tone, Udvartana ayurvedic massage is all you need! It is one of the most effective ayurvedic massages available in Sydney that actually helps the body to release toxins as well as improve blood circulation.

It is a magical treatment method for lowering cholesterol levels, shedding extra weight, improving skin complexion, and balancing Kapha dosha. This massage therapy involves the application of a herbal paste or dried herbal powder in an upward direction against the direction of hair growth.

If you have excessive Kapha in your body and want to balance it out, consider opting for an Udvartana ayurvedic massage in Sydney! It will not only help your body treat Kapha dosha but also break down the adipose tissues within your body, letting you enjoy multiple health benefits.


Are you suffering from excessive Vata dosha and want to balance it out? Consider undertaking Pizhichil ayurvedic massage from a trusted and experienced Ayurveda practitioner.

This holistic treatment procedure involves pouring warm medicated oil on the body with a special vessel named Kindi. And the oil chosen for the massage entirely depends on the patient’s medical conditions.

As already discussed, Pizhichil ayurvedic massage works best for balancing Vata dosha as well as soothing the nerves. Basically, the heat from the medicated oil used in this massage therapy produces perspiration that helps in curing body stiffness, fracture, paralysis, etc. So, if you are suffering from any of these medical conditions, you may consider undertaking Pizhichil ayurvedic massage in Sydney!

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn the different types of ayurvedic massages and their magical health benefits. You may undertake any of these massage therapies to cure several health concerns. However, ensure to book a reliable Ayurveda consultation in Sydney whenever you plan to undertake an ayurvedic massage.

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