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The Top 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying Art

by janeausten

International folk art involves the works of artisans from different cultures and countries around the world. It includes many items, including pottery, sculpture, paintings, and textiles. Here are some key questions to ask before investing in international folk art:

1) What Is the Story Behind the Artwork? 

When considering a piece of art, it is essential to understand its history. Does the artwork have any special significance or meaning? Ask the artist about the inspiration behind their work and what they were trying to convey. This will give you an insight into the creative process of creating the artwork, which can help you appreciate it even more.

For example, if you buy religious folk art online, find out if the artist is a follower of that faith and ask how long they’ve been practicing it. This will help you gain an appreciation for the artwork and make it more valuable to your collection.

2) Is the Artwork Signed or Numbered? 

A signed or numbered artwork can increase its value, so it’s essential to determine if the art you’re buying has been signed or numbered. This information can be found in the artist’s bio or the gallery you purchase it from. Knowing this information will give you an idea of the artwork’s rarity and potential worth over time.

3) Who Is the Artist, and What Is Their Reputation?

It’s always important to know the artist behind a piece of artwork and their reputation. Researching the artist’s background can help you understand their work better and give you an idea of how sought after or desirable it might be in the future. You should also ensure that the artwork comes with an artist’s certificate of authenticity.

For example, when you buy Guatemalan folk art online, you should research the artist and learn about their experience crafting these pieces.

Guatemalan folk art involves intricate designs, and it’s important to know that the artist has a good reputation in the art community.

4) What Type of Folk Art Is It?

When buying folk art, you must know the specific type of art you’re purchasing. Different types of folk art have different rules and regulations associated with them. Knowing more about the artwork will give you an idea of its value and potential resale worth.

a) Haitian Voodoo Flags: These flags are an example of Haitian folk art and have become increasingly popular in recent years. When buying a voodoo flag, you should look for one crafted with careful attention to detail and make from quality materials.

b) Guatemalan Gourd Art: This type of folk art uses gourds to create intricate designs. When purchasing Guatemalan gourd art, make sure to look for pieces that have been painted with bright colors and precise details.

c) Textile Art: Textile art is another folk art found in many parts of the world. When buying textile art, make sure to look for pieces that have been carefully crafted and feature vibrant colors.

d) Animals and Statues: Animals and statues are another popular folk art form. When purchasing these pieces, look for ones that appear well-crafted and made from quality materials.

e) Sculpture: Sculptures are another type of folk art, and you should look for sculptures that feature exciting designs and vibrant colors. When purchasing a sculpture, ask questions about the materials used and the artist’s process.

5) Is the Work Unique or Limited Edition?

Before you buy a piece of artwork, it’s essential to know if the work is unique or part of a limited edition. Knowing this information can help you determine the artwork’s value over time and whether it could be worth more than what you paid. It’s also essential to check that the artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. 

6) What Are the Costs for Ordering Artwork?

When ordering an artwork, you should always ask about the costs associated with shipping and handling. You should also determine if any taxes or other fees are due upon delivery of the piece. Knowing these costs upfront can help you ensure you’re getting a fair price for the artwork. 

7) How Long Has the Company Been Selling Online?

Finally, when buying artwork online, you should ask how long the company has been selling art in this manner. This information can help you determine if they’re reputable and trustworthy enough to purchase from. It also gives you an idea of their customer service experience and guarantees that your artwork will arrive safely and on time. 

Final WordsWhether you’re a seasoned art collector or a novice, asking the right questions before buying art can ensure you make an informed purchase. By considering all of the factors mentioned above, such as the artist’s background and inspiration for their work, what medium was used to create it, how long it would take to complete, where it has been previously exhibited, and the cost of the artwork.

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