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How Durable Solar Panels Are During Hurricanes

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With the increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, it is essential to consider the durability of solar panels in extreme weather conditions. Most solar panel producers design their products to withstand some wind and rain, but how do they fare during a hurricane? This blog post will explore the resilience of solar panels during a hurricane and discuss maintenance tips to ensure your solar system remains intact throughout a storm. 

Understanding the Durability of Solar Panels 

As stated above, solar panels have been designed to be resilient against extreme weather conditions. Interestingly, they can withstand hurricanes, as most solar panel systems have been tested for wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour, with many exceeding this threshold. However, even though most solar panels can resist high winds, they can still be damaged by flying debris or falling trees. 

While solar cells are waterproof and able to withstand heavy rains, flooding can cause damage if it enters into contact with exposed wiring or other electrical equipment. This is a significant concern for solar panel producers and customers. Fortunately, understanding how to maintain your solar panels during hurricanes can help you prevent them from getting damaged. 

Solar Panel Maintenance Tips for Hurricanes 

Knowing how to properly care for your solar panels during a storm as a homeowner can save you time and energy in the long run. How does solar energy work and last longer if you don’t know how to maintain them? Here are some tips to help keep your solar panels running smoothly when a hurricane hits. 

Remove Any Debris From Around Your Panels 

Debris is one of the biggest enemies of solar panels in terms of maintenance during hurricanes. Before a storm strikes, remove any debris around your system that could cause damage, such as branches and leaves. If standing water is around your system, drain it away so it won’t cause additional issues once the rain starts falling.

Check Your Panels Regularly 

The first step in maintaining your solar panels during a hurricane is to check them regularly for any signs of wear or tear. Look for cracks in the panel, loose wiring, and any other signs of damage that may indicate a problem. It’s important to note that even if there are no visible signs of damage, it doesn’t mean your system isn’t at risk. Contact a professional if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Also, ensure you always use the best appliances for solar power to prevent power surges during a storm.

Secure Your Panels with Straps or Bolts 

Another crucial element of solar panel maintenance during hurricanes is making sure they are securely fastened with straps or bolts. This will ensure that powerful winds don’t disrupt or damage them while strong gusts are blowing through your area. 

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