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Does Your iPad Need A Screen Protector

by janeausten
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Taking a brand new shiny ipad 10.2 case out of the box is fantastic. The screen is smooth and shiny. In an ideal world, your iPad remains in that perfect state forever. You must keep your device in a glass bubble for that to happen. However, iPads are there to make your life easier and fully used. So, how can you keep your iPad safe and looking fresh? Do you need a screen protector?

Screen Protectors

The iPad’s screen is made from a highly durable glass known as Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass, a trademarked name, is produced by British glass manufacturer Corning. It is a chemically strengthened glass that is thin, light, and damage-resistant. Corning claims that Gorilla Glass is one of the market’s most durable types of glass. In fact, you will find it used on products by rival brands such as Samsung, Nokia, and Asus.

Even though Gorilla Glass is scratch and damage-resistant, it is still breakable. A hard knock can shatter the screen, especially if the iPad falls on its corner. Or a heavy or sharp object falling on the screen can create a crack, which will spread. Even leaving the iPad in a bag with loose objects, such as your keys, can scratch the glass.

One of the best ways to protect your iPad is to take a holistic approach, starting with the screen protector. Although you might be extra careful when using the iPad, you have no control over outside circumstances. Kids who use the iPad might easily throw it carelessly to the side when ready. Or it might slip from your hands or table when watching a movie.

What To Look For In A Screen Protector

A high-quality screen protector should offer protection while allowing full use of your iPad. A good screen cover should be smudge resistant and anti-glare. The Zugu iPad 10.2 screen protector is a perfect example of what you could use for your device. Try to find one made from tempered glass for safety and durability. The Zugu screen protector is the highest grade 0.25mm Japanese tempered glass and has the same hardness level as a diamond – 10H. In addition, it is antibacterial, anti-glare, fingerprint, and smudge resistant. The Zugu screen protector provides super clarity, letting the iPad’s sharp and clear graphics shine. It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil. Installing it is a no-brainer. Zugu includes a dust remover cloth and a set of easy-to-follow instructions. If you somehow mess it up, Zugu will send you another set for free.

How To Protect Your iPad 10.2 case

What else can you do to safeguard your iPad 10.2 besides installing a screen protector? Getting a high-quality military-grade case, for starters. Keep in mind that your iPad takes a lot of use. Whether you take it to the office, work, school, or a coffee shop, your iPad travels a lot. This exposure and movement increase the risk of falls or hits. It’s useless having an iPad case that is an encumbrance of your iPad’s daily tasks. The best iPad 10.2 cases offer you protection while being highly functional.

The Zugu iPad 10.2 case is precisely what you need. The case is made from one of the most durable materials – TPU plastic and has additional reinforcement in the corners. Zugu covers provide military-grade protection against a five-foot drop in concrete. In fact, the company is so confident in its cases that it covers the AppleCare+ costs to repair an iPad screen damaged in a Zugu case. However, the Zugu iPad 10.2 case goes beyond protection. It also features a kickstand case that you can adjust to eight positions, ranging from slightly raised to almost upright. The kickstand case will hold in whichever position you choose, thanks to the individual magnets in each slot.

Tips To Take Care Of Your iPad

  • Keep it clean. Use a soft, dry microfibre cloth to wipe down the iPad’s surface, including the screen. Take extra care around the cameras at the back of the screen. No cleaning liquids need to be used – these might be abrasive and damage the surface. A soft, clean toothbrush is perfect for cleaning out any fluff or dirt in the charging ports or speakers. Be gentle, and you’ll be surprised to see what comes out.
  • Be attentive. Watch where you put the iPad ipad pro 12.9 case when you are done with it. Close the cover’s flap to protect the screen and avoid throwing it around. Sit down with the kids when they use it to avoid tossing it when ready. Please don’t leave it on the edge of a surface where it can slip or fall.
  • Don’t leave it out in the heat or the cold. The iPad does not like extreme temperatures. In fact, it tends to shut down in very hot or cold temperatures, and exposure can even damage the battery. If the iPad screen turns black with the outline of a thermometer, take the iPad out of the heat or cold and put it in a place where it can return to temperature. Do not try to cool it by putting it in a refrigerator or warming it up – it might cause irreversible damage.

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