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Does Aging Affect A Cigar’s Quality?

by janeausten
Aging Cigars

The concept of aging cigars is a hotly debated topic among cigar Aficionados. You may have heard that storing your cigar makes it taste better and more enjoyable to smoke, while others believe that it can negatively affect the quality of the cigar.

In this blog, we will investigate the effects of aging on your cigar’s quality.

What is Cigar Aging?

Simply put, cigar aging is the process of storing cigars in a controlled environment for an extended period. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of aging.

Benefits of Aging Cigars

The main benefit of aging cigars is to improve their flavor profiles, taste, and aroma. While this sounds good on paper, how a cigar will taste later in the future can be hard to predict. It is crucial to know that aging is no fix for a bad-quality cigar.

Cons to Aging

The purpose behind aging your favorite brand may also yield unfavorable results. An over-aged cigar may lose its strength, taste, and other characteristics, leading to an underwhelming smoking experience.

Should you age your Cigar?

So, should you age your cigars? The answer is not a simple yes or no. It ultimately depends on your personal preference and the brand of cigar you are smoking. Some smokers may prefer the taste and aroma of a freshly made cigar, while others may enjoy the complexity and depth of flavor that aging can bring. The final results also depend on the cigar’s intrinsic properties. For instance, not all Brickhouse cigars would taste the same after aging.

It is also worth considering that many premium cigar brands already age their products for months or years before selling them, so the cigar you purchase may already have some degree of age on it.

You May Not Like an Aged Cigar

You should know that because a cigar has been aged for decades doesn’t always equate a great taste. This may be due to it aging for too long or for it aging poorly.

Each brand of cigar is unique and has a critical point where aging further depletes its natural aromas, strength, and flavor, leading to a bland or insipid smoke.

How Long Should The Cigar Aging Process Last?

Ultimately, the decision to age your cigars depends on your taste and process as there is no ideal duration for aging. If you decide to age your cigars, it is vital to store them in the best conditions possible to ensure optimal results.

This includes keeping them in a cool, dry place with proper humidity and monitoring them regularly to ensure that they are aging properly. The best thing you can do is experiment yourself and determine whether you prefer to age your cigars. You can start with a premium brand like Brickhouse brand cigars. Keep them in your humidor, test different sticks at intervals (weeks or months), and note your observations.

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