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Crucial things to comprehend about banasur

by janeausten

Many bogeys have been describe in our scriptures. These demons used to attain divine powers by doing penance and used to misery sages, sages, earthlings, and even many gods. They also used to take boons in such a way that it evolved unattainable for ordinary humans and gods to end them. But whenever the grotesques of an asura increase too much, then Tridev or Mother Adishakthi herself brings such a manifestation that can kill or save that asura. In this path, banasur was an Asura. Today we will understand who he is, the story, how he died, and about war. King Bali had a hundred sons. Of whom the name of the ancientest, brave, and mighty son. He was the King of a big Kingdom, Sonitpur, and all the kings and gods of the world were also frighten of him. He was the great-grandson of enthusiast Prahlad.

Boon from Lord Shiva

He was doing extreme penance for Lord Shiva in a Kandara. An asura came from somewhere to kill, who was engross in penance for many years and try to end it. Only then Mahadev emerged there and protected him from that asura. He was satisfied with the devotion of Shiva and came there to give him a boon. He requested Shiva for two boons. The first boon he request is that he has to do more good deeds than his forefathers i.e. Prahlad and Kinh Bali, so his arms should be empower to endure all these deeds. Hearing this Lord Shiva gave him a boon of 1 Sahastra arm and also said that each arm would have the force of 1 thousand elephants. They will appear when you require them.

The way of Banasura die

You know who he was and what boon he had acquired from Shiva. But whenever any power is felt in the hands of an evil-natured creature, he gets filled with ego and begins doing misdeeds. Starts thinking of himself as proud only of injuring the creatures’ weather than him. Had taken these powers to improve the pride of his clan, but he might not have thought that these powers would make him arrogant. Went on doing repulsiveness and start thinking that now his end is impossible because Mahadev himself will rescue him.

The war between him and Krishna

Well, with great powers come great accountabilities, but when foolish people get divine powers, they become arrogant and they start doing bad to others and invite their collapse. He was also fill with ego because of his powers. With time he evolved more arrogant and cruel. He had a daughter named Usha. She once saw a precious young man in her dream and she fell in love with him. So Usha took the help of her best friend Chitralekha. She made a sketch of Anirudh based on the description given by Usha. When both of those companions came to know that it was none other than the grandson of Shri Krishna, Chitrlekha abducted Anirudh with her compound power and conveyed him to Sonitpur.

Tyranny began increasing again

A long time had perish since the war of banasur in which Krishna and Usha Aniruddha had also got wed. But there is one thing that no matter how much you try to improve a person of demonic nature, he still does not leave his nature. So he again evolved into a tyrant and started spreading unrest in the world. Now it had evolved very necessary to end it and only or that end Mother Parvathi took childbirth as a virgin.

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