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How do I Reset the Computer after bmw battery replacement in 2023

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Bmw battery replacement are equipped with computers that run majority of the diagnostics and display of the car. When you perform maintenance tasks such as changing the oil or replacement of a battery is required, it’s necessary for the user to restart BMW computer. If you do not want to hire a professional for this, you’ll need learn how to reset the BMW computer following bmw battery replacement.

What is the reason why you’re BMW Computer Need a Reset?

Nowadays, BMW cars come with complex electrical systems that consist of a computer which controls the alternator. When the battery is replaced it is expected that the computer be informed about the update, and it can provide information regarding the upgrade.  There are certain benefits of performing a reset on your computer in BMW automobiles.

A computer reset is a method to notify the computer about successful battery registration.

Resetting the battery ensures that it that is in your BMW car has at least 80% capacity as an indicator.

This procedure confirms that the restored readings are The Current Odometer readings.

It also permits the computer to erase batteries’ information storage allocation parameters, including battery temperature and voltage, as well as current and the level of charge.

What BMW Models Need a Computer Reset?

If there is a change in the battery in any of these models reset of the computer is required.

7-Series cars starting beginning in 2002 and onwards (E65/E66 chassis)

X5 cars of 2007 and onwards (E70 chassis)

In 2003 and later 6 Series automobiles (E54/E63 chassis)

X5 cars made in 2005 and onwards (E53 the chassis, and an N62 engine)

X6 cars that were built starting in 2008 and up (E71 chassis)

Series cars from 2006 and onwards (E90/E91/E92/E93 chassis)

Series cars of 2004 and up (E60/E61 chassis)

How do I Reset the BMW Computer after Battery Change:

If you’ve understood the significance in this BMW computer reset in the previous article here are the steps to follow.

a. To begin, first turn the ignition switch of first. Turn the ignition key of your BMW vehicle to accessory setting once the radio and lights are turned on. It is necessary to do this prior to starting the car. After that, press then hold down your “Trip” button, which is located on the instrument panel until the green light turns up, bmw battery replacement.

b. Press”Trip”. Press the “Trip” button and hold until the word “Reset” appears.

C. Then press the button three times. The BMW computer will reboot within a matter of minutes.

The entire procedure of changing the battery and computer reset for BMW automobiles isn’t expensive. Making this change on time will permit the driver to operate your BMW car with no issues. However be careful not to do this lightly. There are auto shops that have certified technicians who adhere to the guidelines that are set by the maker. Visit such shops for the most secure and safe service.


It is possible to avoid many headaches by knowing how to reset your BMW computer following a battery change. If you follow these steps you is able to reset their computer on BMW cars with no difficulty. visit us

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