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Avaya Cloud Office: How Is It A Good Fit For Your Business?

by janeausten

Modern communication modes and the improved focus on developing flexible work practices are the main reasons why you need to choose cloud communications services. Avaya Cloud Office is a versatile cloud communication system you must switch to. 

Well, Avaya Cloud Office is a OneCloud platform that facilitates comprehensive communication. It provides your employees with a modern, smooth-running, and time-saving workspace while also delivering a great customer experience. To make sure the same, you need to find the most reliable Avaya IP Cloud service company, providing top-quality telecommunication solutions.  

The Avaya Cloud Office eases communication through its user-friendly features. Those include chat and email messaging, audio or video conferencing, VoIP calls, etc. Such flexibility makes the solution a great fit for your business. Let’s discuss its significance in much more detail in this article. 

Before moving ahead, take a close look at what Avaya Cloud Office is.  

What Is Avaya Cloud Office?

It is a cloud-based communication system, supporting enterprise-grade video conferencing, messaging, meetings, and collaborations. Your employees can easily connect with the workforce in an on-site, hybrid, or remote environment using a single system only regardless of their location. 

The system is flexible, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich. Its all features include: 

  • Calls – Easily do inbound and outbound calls on-site or remotely. It helps your employees to work efficiently from the convenience of any location and device they choose. 
  • Chats – You can connect with your employees through personal chats or group discussions using one application.
  • Meet – You and your team can move freely and communicate over video calls from anywhere. 
  • Collaborate – You can share files, exchange ideas, finish tasks, or track meetings to make the smooth workflow of the team all in one application. 
  • Fax – You can send as well as receive unlimited faxes using mobile internet faxing.

Know the Top Benefits Of Avaya Cloud Office For Your Business

Unified Communications

Well, Avaya IP Cloud service offers the integration of your communication system into an all-in-one application. It includes web meetings, online faxing, voice callings, voicemails, and audio or video conferencing. Along with this, they also merge with cloud-based applications. 

Such a unification of communication with a cloud-based platform saves you money and offers unity of various communication modes. Moreover, Avaya Cloud Office even helps in justifying the image of your company that is presented in front of the world. Let’s explain with an example. Your employees can work from the office, home, or any location and make or answer calls from any one business number. This shows professionalism in your business communications. 

Even if your employees are working remotely, their outbound calls are routed through the cloud which appears like they’re calling from their company location. They do not have to give their personal contact number to manage the calls when not in the office. On leaving the office, the calls connect to their personal phones automatically through the Avaya Cloud Office Mobile application. 

Streamlined Multi-Location Management 

With the convenience of the Avaya IP Cloud Service, streamlined multi-location management is ensured. Your employees can easily perform their tasks from any location just with the use of the Avaya Cloud Office mobile app. 

This saves you money and stress as there is no need to send a professional IT person to remote locations and make the changes if needed. Such as the addition of numbers and new employees, and so on. Moreover, it prevents the chance to call local service providers and then wait for hours to get the changes done. 

Using the Avaya Cloud Office, you can switch to new locations quickly. For new or existing locations, this solution is cost-effective as working on-site connections is not challenging.

Easy Remote Connectivity

The use of Avaya IP Cloud Service has eased the remote connectivity with the Avaya-hosted phone system in the same manner as in the office. Using one mobile application(that works on any IOS device), it’s easy to transfer mobile phones to desk phones and then to potent communications devices. 

Moreover, remote employees also have easy accessibility to emails, faxes, voicemails, and many other aspects of business communications. The audio and video conferencing integrated into Avaya Cloud Office allows the team working remotely to work from anywhere in a convenient and effective manner. 

The use of Avaya Cloud Office has eliminated the concern of attending multiple calls which can be stressful for you and your employees. 

Reduced Costs

For different locations, you might need to purchase and install many communication systems that can be too expensive. Well, by choosing the Avaya Cloud Office, you can eliminate the need for several systems as the entire framework of communication is in the cloud. You and your employees can manage it 24/7. 

You do not need help from IT staff to manage one or two locations whenever required. This reduces the expenses on travel to remote places or on callings to local service providers for changes.

Summing Up

Well, Avaya Cloud Office is a superior platform, beneficial for upgrading your business communications to a high level. It unifies voice, fax, messages, video, and audio conferencing into the all-in-one application. From seamlessly integrating the modern cloud-based communication system to facilitating remote connectivity, it is valuable in many ways.  

Do note that a business’s strong base is built on the experiences it offers, so make sure to look for the renowned Avaya IP Cloud Service company. Streamlining the work via the cloud-based communication system assures a good employee and customer experience. Thus, seeming an ideal choice for your business.

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