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Guidebook to the nearest destination for Mumbaikars- Lonavala & Karjat

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From the bustle of city life, Lonavala, a picturesque hill hamlet at 2,047 feet above sea level, is a romantic getaway. Due to its pleasant climate, majestic splendor, medieval castles, ancient caves, and stunning lagoons, it is India’s most popular tourist destination. Due to its beauty, this location has attracted tourists, couples, children, and celebrities. It is accessible at any time and is open throughout the year. The monsoon season is the best time to see beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and lush greenery. Due to its proximity to the Sahayadri highlands, it is an ideal spot for hiking and trekking and staycation too, you can find villa in Lonavala by just checking out our website. .

The places to go to BUSHI DAM Bhushi Dam is one of the most popular weekend getaways for residents as well as tourists. It is located just a few kilometers from the Lonavala railway station. A massive natural water park, surrounded by lush mountains, is created by the dam’s pushing water to refresh tourists. Awe-inspiring is the sight of the Bhushi Dam’s water pouring over a series of steps and then traversing rocky terrain. To please a large number of tourists, tea, kachori, and other delectable treats have been prepared.

REYWOOD PARK LONAVLA The Botanical Garden was transformed into a popular park for nature lovers during the time that an English officer known as “Mr. Rye” served there. The well-kept 25-acre park has playgrounds for kids to play and have fun on. The grass is wide and well-maintained. As a result, it is a great place to visit for both tourists and locals, who can sit on the clean seating, walk among the tall trees, and unwind with loved ones. In addition, there is a historic Shiva Temple on the grounds of the park, as well as a wide variety of plants and flowers.

RAJMACHI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY The densely forested foothills of the Sahyadri’s Western Ghats make the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary a haven for numerous unique species of flora and fauna. The unusual giant Indian squirrels that can be found here are the feature of the sanctuary that draws visitors in the most. There are jeep tours available to the sanctuary for nature lovers who want to see wild animals in their natural environment. Aside from that, this hilly landscape with its lush greenery offers guests a wonderful opportunity to interact with nature while strolling and enjoying the soothing sounds of colorful birds.

VISPUR FORT Visapur Fort is a massive, centuries-old structure that stands taller and wider than Lohagad Fort. Here, you can find old houses, wells, arches, and caves. The two roofless buildings that were once part of the secretariat stand out among these. Numerous Hanuman shrines can be found in this area because Hanuman was the fort’s patron deity.

The well was built within the fort by the Pandavas. It’s also worth seeing guns, some of which date back to Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The fort’s other weapons’ trunnions, as well as its own, have been broken off. An old Mahadev shrine’s ruins can be found nearby.

VILLAS IN LONAVALA EKOSTAY private Villas in Lonavala for rent are the best option if you want to fully appreciate the beautiful location without having to worry about anyone interrupting your stay. The finest private villas in Lonavala have been carefully selected and remodeled in accordance with the requirements of the guests so that they can unwind and unwind in private pool villas in Lonavala, which range in price from the most expensive to the most affordable.

Hill View villa Head to the Hill View villa in Lonavala for rent, which has a private pool, if you’re looking for a weekend staycation with your loved ones. This expensive Hill View Villa in Lonavala has a beautiful unending mountain view from the front, as the name suggests. The ideal setting for you and your friends is a private pool with a large garden and an intriguing hill view, with morning dew rinsing your feet as you walk on the grass!

Carlos Villa, a majestic villa in Lonavala is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai because of its wonderful atmosphere during the rainy season. With its soaring waterfalls and cloud-shrouded cliffs, Lonavala is at its most beautiful. Another name for Lonavala is the “City of Caves.” It has pleasant temperatures throughout the year and gorgeous green valleys. During the monsoon season, Lonavala comes to life with waterfalls, ponds, and vividly colored countryside. From Lonavala, one can see the green slopes of the Sahyadri ranges. The Carlos villa in Lonavala has four bedrooms and offers stunning views. This private villa in Lonavala has a private pool where you can cool off or play volley ball. It also has a large lawn where you and your loved ones can relax and drink warm chai in the cold Lonavala air.

 Tranquil Villa In Lonavala, everything is peaceful and beautiful, including Tranquil Villa. With its contemporary interiors and comfortable furnishings, this Lonavala villa with three bedrooms and a private pool is a marvel. This gated community, which is situated in one of the most prestigious villa societies, offers the highest level of security and luxury. There is a private pool, a lot of greenery, and good vibes on this property. In this luxurious private villa in Lonavala, guests can play badminton or just relax on the lawns.

 The tranquil Sky Villa in Lonavala, tucked away in the hills, is the definition of a getaway. Your interest will undoubtedly be piqued by interiors that are uncomplicated but elegant, with a hint of luxury and a nod to old Bollywood. Apart from the hordes of people in Lonavala, this Lonavala private villa with a private pool and three bedrooms is in the ideal highlands location to make your stay one to remember. After their excursion to Tiger Point, guests can unwind by the private pool and enjoy a full barbecue dinner with family and friends while taking in the stunning views. You can unwind here with your loved ones, friends, and even your four-legged companions.

Guidebook for Karjat –

 Karjat is a stunning hill station surrounded by lush forest areas. It is a true beauty that all hikers and nature lovers adore. This captivating location in the vast Western Ghats is great for honeymooners because they can take in the majestic mountains and ancient mystic caves as their backdrop. It is ideal for adventure sports like trekking, climbing waterfalls, rappelling, and river rafting on the Ulhas River due to its climate and stunning scenery. Boating at Morbe Dam is great, and the dam’s perimeter is a nice place to spend a leisurely weekend. In addition to the Kondana Caves, Kothaligad fort, Jain temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar temple, Bhor Ghat, Bahiri Cave, ND studio, Blackwaters of the Pali Bhutivali dam, and Bhivpuri waterfall, Karjat is surrounded by historical ruins and rolling mountains. You can participate in a variety of treks in Karjat, including hiking at Sondai Fort and Peth Fort. The most appealing aspect of these treks is the breathtaking views of green meadows and landscapes from them. From the top of the hills, you can see absolutely breathtaking views. The entire landscape becomes enticingly lush with lush flora during the rainy season. A hidden treasure is a waterfall at Bhivpuri. Among the best that nature has to offer in this region, this is also a fantastic location for rafters.

The atmosphere and the sounds of the water flowing are enough to take one’s breath away. If you’re just starting out in grappling, this is a great location. You can even soak beneath the magnificent waterfall. It might be a strange experience to shower beneath the waterfall while floating down it. After your adventure, enjoy the local vada pav with a hot beverage near the street stalls and taverns. It promotes itself as an excellent destination for nature lovers and historians interested in Maharashtra’s history. Therefore, taking a sightseeing tour and unwinding in one of the villas are the two best things to do in Karjat. In addition to making your weekend even more memorable, Ekostay provides a selection of exquisite private best villas in Karjat with private pools and large lawns in remote areas at reasonable prices. Head to our website and book the best villas in Karjat. NOW!!

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