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Endometriosis – Its Symptoms, Causes, and Effect on Fertility

by janeausten

Getting pregnant is not as simple as a female or couple thinks about it. For some females, it is impossible to conceive without medical intervention. And if it occurs to you, it is advisable that you should see a fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Bangalore or your locality to know the root cause and address the same to become a mother. Endometriosis is one of the causes of female infertility. Let’s know about it in brief:

Endometriosis – what it is

Endometrial cells can be found outside the uterus in the peritoneal cavity or attached to other organs like the lungs, bowel, and bladder in endometriosis, a crippling condition. When endometrial cells are discovered outside of the uterine endometrium, where they are supposed to reside, it is a problem. Then, we experience an inflammatory response that results in another inflammatory reaction. The immune response is frequently visible during laparoscopy as a brownish mixture that contains white blood cells, macrophages, and an increase in cytokines (proteins).

Causes of endometriosis 

You have endometriosis probably due to these two reasons:

  • The sperm and tubes may be affected by endometriosis, which covers the eggs.
  • An embryo’s inability to implant or develop can result from an inflammatory response (early loss or unsuccessful transfer cycles).

Endometriosis symptoms

  • Menstruation causes a lot of pain
  • Pelvic pain that is not associated with menstruation (often described as a burning sensation)
  • During sexual contact, there may be discomfort or pressure
  • Ovulation-related pain
  • Dysorgasmia is the cramping that follows an orgasm
  • Enduring fatigue
  • Cognitive fog
  • IBS or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Loss of pregnancy and infertility
  • Depression

Fertility specialists face significant challenges when treating infertility patients with endometriosis because there is a dearth of compelling and conclusive data. It is estimated that 50% of infertile women have endometriosis.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) might be the best treatment option for endometriosis-affected women in terms of pregnancy success rates. Women with endometriosis who choose to take the medication Letrozole for stimulation and transfer cycles do well because it reduces the inflammatory effects of the condition on the lining of the endometrium and the eggs.

Overall, endometriosis has an effect on fertility for many patients, though the main reason for infertility in endometriosis patients is still unknown. Is the problem with the endometrial lining of the uterus, or is it a problem with the egg quality?

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