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Applications and Benefits of Metaverse in Education

by janeausten
Metaverse in Education

The metaverse has become one of the most trending terms. Every day, people read more about it.

  • A report published by found that 78% of global businesses are interested in leveraging the metaverse.

It has been brought into the spotlight ever since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta and announced its commitment to metaverse development.  Metaverse development is evolving and finding new uses case every day. Let’s take you through an in-depth guide that explains the metaverse and, specifically, what the educational metaverse can offer.

What is Metaverse?

This is the answer that most people are searching for. Is it a fictional technology, or is it a reality? Let’s see.

Simply put, the metaverse is a simulated 3D virtual and collaborative world. It can replicate our physical world through digital twin technology. This means that any activity carried out in real world can be created in a 3D version in the metaverse. For example, the metaverse in education can build schools and colleges that students can attend from wherever they are. Similarly, metaverse for enterprise can have office buildings, banks, health care centers, etc.
There are various versions of the metaverse that can be created. Every company can have its custom-designed metaverse. It can be used for several activities, from gaming to education, corporate training, medical consultations, and social networking. Many companies have built their spaces and are using it for virtual fashion shows, live musical concerts, banking experiences and even as workplaces for employees and customers.

The metaverse offers an immersive, real-time 3D interactive space, which many users can access simultaneously to work, study, play, shop, or hang out together.

What is the Educational metaverse?

Now that we have understood what a metaverse is let’s focus on a special application of it- the metaverse in education.

Metaverse in Education

The metaverse has already shown promise for the education sector, and its benefits are charming everyone. The 3D metaverse learning spaces can offer niche solutions to the entire educational ecosystem. The VR-enabled metaverse for learning offers metaverse classrooms and VR labs that open up innovative and limitless ways to teach and learn.

Metaverse for education will empower and transform the education sector to step into the next version of the internet. Schools and colleges can create and build customized 3D virtual learning spaces that are highly immersive and scalable. These spaces, powered by blockchain, NFTs, and Augmented and Virtual Reality, will usher in new pedagogies and a new educational economy.

Applications of Metaverse in Education

Roblox is a universally popular platform. They aim to harness the power of 3D immersive technologies to inspire creativity and critical thinking through explorations and experimentation.

Edverse is an innovative and pioneering metaverse developer. Edverse strives to offer state-of-the-art solutions to enable students to enjoy learning and make it more relevant to future workplace demands. Edverse aims to offer a decentralized platform that integrates the best practices of traditional and metaverse teaching. With a team of experts from all domains, it develops tailor-made solutions for k-12 schools and higher educational streams like medicine and engineering. Edverse offers solutions for teachers, content creators, students, as well as promoters, and owners of educational institutes.
Minecraft is another popular application and use of the education metaverse. Many teachers and students are its users and find it truly revolutionary and collaborative.

Benefits of Metaverse in Education

Decentralized and Immersive Learning

The future-ready metaverse schools will offer interactive and immersive learning experiences rather than just rote learning and syllabus completion. Decentralization of education will make education more accessible and inclusive by moving beyond the physical and administrative confines of brick-and-mortar learning centres.

Student Centric Philosophy

Schools and curricula in the metaverse will be more fluid and relevant to the needs of students. It will offer unique and immersive methodologies. Gamification will be an important element of 3d virtual learning spaces. For example, children studying STEM subjects can use 3D technology and gaming-inspired pedagogies to study complex concepts.

This will make way for a more student-centric method, thereby increasing their engagement and performance.

Skill Development and Training

VR in the metaverse is a highly potent tool that can be used for any training, from fire fighting to flying planes to performing operations. Metaverse training can help with skill development that requires spatial training or for dangerous or expensive tasks to carry out repeatedly in a real-life scenario. Such situations may also include training for emergency procedures and high-consequence events. All this training can be repeatedly conducted in a safe and controlled setting until students master it such that it becomes second nature.

Wrapping Up

The Metaverse is definitely here to stay and will redefine the future of work, business, and education. The educational metaverse will offer untold educational possibilities. However, like any other technology, the metaverse for education must be carefully weighed and monitored to ensure a safe space for children. It is always advisable for educational institutes wanting to know more about what is metaverse or wishing to access the metaverse to partner with a reputable metaverse development company.

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