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How to clean glass windows inside and out in an easy way

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Among the things that the housewife struggles to clean our windows. Especially cleaning windows from the outside. For this, we will present in this article the easiest way to clean glass windows from the inside and outside. We also present a method for cleaning glass windows from fat and a method for polishing glass windows and glass. I invite you to leave your comments and inquiries below the article In the comments box.

The easiest way to clean glass windows

  • The glass windows are cleaned of dust and dirt first by using a blower to expel the dust or using a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust with the use of a small nozzle to suck out the small residues from the edges of the window cleaning Perth.
  • In the event that there are heavy stains on the glass, especially from the outside. We recommend dismantling it, then cleaning it, washing it with soap and water, and then drying it.
  • White vinegar is useful in cleaning glass from stains, and it is also useful in polishing glass.
  • You can use a soft cleaning sponge or use a rubber squeegee for cleaning glass.
  • You can also use a rubber squeegee with a cleaning device with a trigger sprayerlo clean the glass. Especially the glass in high places. So that you can clean it easily.
  • You can also use a double-sided swab with a magnet to clean the glass inside and out easily (you can search for it and buy it from household appliances stores or trusted electronic stores.)
  • This was the easiest way to clean glass windows, and now we highlight in more detail how to clean glass windows from the outside.

How to clean windows from the outside

Rainwater, bird droppings, dust, and dirt from undesirable stains on glass windows from the outside. So it is necessary to learn how to clean glass windows from:

  • You can use the traditional method to clean window glass from the outside by unscrewing the window clean Perth.
  • Then clean the dust in it by suctioning it using a vacuum cleaner or blower to expel the dust.
  • Do not forget to clean the edges and corners from dust, which may be full of dust and dirt.
  • Glass windows you can wash with warm soapy water in the shower.
  • You can dry the glass with a clean dry cloth or leave it in the hood to dry.
  • You can also clean glass windows without disassembling them by using a double-sided cleaning wiper for glass that is equipped with magnets to clean the glass from the outside.
  • Make sure to get a high-quality double-sided glass cleaning wiper to ensure that the magnet is strong and that you can clean better. You can use this method of cleaning as a periodic routine every week, and you can use the window cleaner Perth and glass removal method once a year. So that you combine the advantages of each method.

This was the way to clean glass windows from the outside. I was able to provide you with something that enriches your minds. And now, with the method for cleaning glass windows, cleaning Perth from fat.

How to clean glass from grease

This method is used to clean the glass of fats, oils, and greases. Especially the glass in the kitchen because it is frequently exposed to fats, oils, and greases:

  • The mixture for cleaning glass from fat is made by placing a teaspoon of potash (caustic soda) on a small cup of chlorine with a small amount of water. You can read the details of the composition of the mixture and its safety and security instructions from here The mixture is placed in a spray glass.
  • A few of them are sprayed on the glass infected with fats and oils.
  • Leave the glass for a quarter of an hour until the mixture melts the fat.
  • Then, using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the glass well of fat.
  • Then using another spray bottle with clean, slightly warm water.
  • A little of it is sprayed on the glass to wash away the residue of the mixture and stains.
  • Then dry the glass.

This was the way to clean glass windows from grease, and now with the method of polishing glass.

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