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With the economy in financial meltdown and a knock on slump to the housing market, fewer people are considering moving and are instead turning their attention to home and garden improvements.

A big part of this focus is on people’s garden fencing and subsequently a choice is required on what fence panel to choose. Although composite decking boards choosing fence panels for your garden fencing may at first seem straightforward, there are in fact many factors which need to be considered.

Primarily your choice of fence panel can be split into two distinct areas. The fence panel selected can be used as a security and perimeter measure, or it can be used as a decorative feature. There are a range of fencing panels to suit any of these requirements and below are details on some of these options.

Lap Panels:

These fence panels offer a simple way to identify your gardens perimeter and are available to suit different budgets, but are usually considered the less expensive alternative. These fence panels are normally provided fully framed with batten, except for the cheapest version which can be supplied with no bottom frame.

These garden fence panels offer great choice and as such are used all over the UK and can be supplied in various colours, including light beige, an orangey brown and a dark brown finish. Care must be taken when selecting your fence panel to ensure it is in keeping with current local trends, as well as a similar colour to the associated posts and gravel boards that you may require in order to erect your garden fencing.

Obviously this fence panel range offers great choice and value for money, but like all things in life, you get what you pay for. It should be remembered that as a less expensive fence panel this products life expectancy is short to medium term and is not as strong as some alternatives, so should not be erected in overly exposed areas to wind.

Lap panels are normally 6ft wide and are available in a range of heights including 3ft, 4ft, 5ft & 6ft.

Closeboard Panels:

This variety of fence panel offers a more solid solution to that of the lap panel and its construction offer a more sturdy solution for your garden fencing. This panel has a medium to long term life expectancy and is able to cope with a higher wind loading volume than the lap panel.

Like the lap panel these fence panels can be supplied in a range of colours and sizes.

Grange Elite Panels:

This range of fence panel offers a much more decorative finish to your garden than either the lap or closeboard fence panel.

As opposed to the standard looks of either the lap or closeboard panels, the grange elite panels come in a variety of styles, including a lattice finish or curved top. These panels offer great choice and can be used on a mix and match basis to compliment your gardens overall look and feel.

These fence panels are easy to erect and either side can be used as the face side. The only small drawback to these fence panels are a limited height range.

Aluminum Security Fence Panels Are Sturdy And Aesthetically Appealing

Every home and commercial property requires a fence, but choosing the right security fence panels is often a daunting task for a business or homeowner. There are different kinds of materials commonly used in home and commercial fencing. However, aluminum tends to be popular due to its sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. A fencing specialist is knowledgeable on the different materials available in the market, and will match your premises to the right security fence panels, ensuring that your premises are not only secure, but they are also appealing to look at too.

Aluminum security fence panels are very popular today for both commercial and residential fencing. Many businesses that choose aluminum fencing do so because they are not only durable, but they provide security and privacy too. In addition, most importantly aluminum security panels are aesthetically appealing too. These panels are great for securing a backyard or pool area, and they are helpful in containing property and herds. The other common kinds of panels are wrought iron and wood, which provide a number of benefits, but they are hard to maintain and keep looking good. An aluminum fence will offer as many advantages as any other typical fence, only that they do not require constant labor for maintenance, which helps the owner save money in the end.

Aluminum security fence panels vs. wrought iron and wooden panels

You can get aluminum security fence panels in a variety of pre-painted varieties, but when working on large projects, one can order them painted in a color of their choice. This is unlike wooden fences since you do not need to paint them before installation, but you can actually paint them after installation. On the other hand, it notable that aluminum does not rust, hence, one will not have to bother or worry about painting the fence repeatedly in future, because the fence can wait for a while before it gets a fresh coat of paint.

The other kind of fencing that has been gaining popularity lately is wrought iron fencing. One great advantage with wrought iron is that you can easily personalize it into different designs, and it gives a premise an aesthetic appeal. However, you get more benefits in aluminum as compared to wrought iron. Naturally, aluminum is resistant to weather elements like snow and rain compared to wrought iron, and this is the reason that aluminum security fence panels are low maintenance. In case extra painting is needed, the process is effortless because aluminum does not rust.

Installing aluminum security fence panels

The process of installing these panels is straightforward, and unlike wooden security fence panels, you do not require them in individual pieces. Additionally, aluminum is lightweight which makes it easy to put the panels in place. Most of them come with pre-punched holes that make the installation process fast and virtually effortless.

Hence, we can conclude that aluminum is ideal security fence panels’ material that can be used for both homes, business composite fencing panels premises and will weather all climatic conditions very well. It is also light, yet more durable than wood, ideally the perfect way to fence off a premise.

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Every property requires a fence, however choosing the right security fence panels if often a daunting task. You find different kinds of materials commonly used in home and commercial fencing.

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