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A Trip to Liverpool: How to Find Te Best Accommodation

by janeausten

Liverpool is a large port city in Merseyside in northwest England. The city is the main economic and cultural centre of the country. Liverpool is best known as the birthplace of the boy band The Beatles. In this seemingly industrialised city, many stunning masterpieces of Victorian architecture have been preserved, the most famous and grandest of which is St. George’s Hall. 

It’s no wonder that Liverpool has been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture, as the city has the largest museum collection in the UK outside of London. You can hire a car in Liverpool and go on an adventure in the cultural centre of the country.

When planning a trip to Liverpool, you should think about accommodation. You can find many different websites with apartments for a reasonable price or for free! Or find an unusual place, where you will remember your stay for a long time.

If you plan to travel without a car, consider also a means of transport around Liverpool, from the apartments to the city centre.

Cars for rent

The best and most comfortable transfer is a rented car. With a car, you can not worry about the route or bus schedule. All you have to do is get in the car at a time convenient for you and go anywhere in the city.

To rent a car in Liverpool, you only need to have with you: a voucher, an ID card, an international driver’s licence, a credit card, and a driving experience of at least 1-2 years.

You can choose a car according to the following criteria:

  • Gearbox (mechanical, automatic).
  • Car brands (Kia, BMW, Toyota, Mini Cooper, Chevrolet, etc.).
  • Car class (economy, convertible, SUV, 5-seater, or 9-seater).
  • Technical characteristics of the car (air conditioner, diesel, GPS, gasoline).
  • Additional options (availability of a child’s car seat).

Housing from the owners

It is often more convenient to book an entire apartment, room, or house with the owners for a short or even a long term. This can happen if you are travelling with a large group and want to live separately, are travelling with a child and get comfortable conditions, or simply want to experience local life and live at home, and not in a boring hotel.

Airbnb is the world leader in renting housing from owners in more than 190 countries. Their concept is “Welcome home”. It is precisely because you want to be on a trip, but at the same time feel at home, and it is worth using the service, this is the main advantage.

Sites for finding hostels

Hostels are an ideal option for those who are looking for interesting communication, but at the same time are ready to sacrifice comfort for a low price. A hostel does not mean that you will live in a dormitory, sometimes there are also double rooms. Although most often these are 4/6/8/10-seat rooms for men only, women only, or mixed type.

Some hostels will give a head start in terms of comfort to hotels, while others have an atmosphere of travel and freedom. But you have to choose and read reviews so you don’t end up in a sleepover.

Hostelworld.com – the largest database of hostels in the world. They have a nice helpful blog and free pdf maps of tourist cities on their site.

Free overnight stay

The best way to understand a country and its people is to get to know the locals, and even better to live with them for a while. Such opportunities are provided by international hospitality sites when people invite guests to their homes. But you should not see them as just a free overnight stay, rather it is a cultural exchange, an interesting conversation, an opportunity to brush up on languages ​​and make new friends around the world.

Couchsurfing.org is the most famous hospitality site with millions of users. You can use it for free or pay for verification (verified users are more trustworthy and find hosts faster).

Exchange of houses

Homeexchange.com – the idea is to exchange houses because they are empty during the trip anyway. Ideal if you live in a famous tourist town, although some may also want to come to a provincial town. There are more than 65,000 houses in 150 countries on the site, but the service is paid ($150 per year).

There are 2 types of such exchanges:

  • Classic, that is, mutual exchange, when two families exchange houses with one another at the same time or in different periods;
  • Exchange with GuestPoints. GuestPoints are the key to easy sharing. What happens if you find another member with an available home, but that member doesn’t want to stay in your home? You can offer them GuestPoints that they can use to stay at other members’ homes in a location of their choice! Each participant receives visitor points for registration and entertainment of other participants.

Rental services of cool and unusual hotels

If you want to live in a lighthouse, in a tree house, visit eco-friendly hotels or hotels only for vegetarians, try glamping (glamorous camping) or just look around, then there are special sites for this. Quirkyaccom.com is one of the largest sites for booking unusual accommodation.

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